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Lea Michele Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Glee star Lea Michele is one of the captivating beauties of Hollywood, who remains always in great shape. Despite being naturally slender, Lea spends significant time in sculpting her body from right places. Her slender figure not only makes all kinds of outfits look fabulous on her, but it also makes her look taller to her height.

Petite actress has been able to join the league of celebs credited with a sculpted figure, only because she paid attention to both her workouts and diet. Obsessed with tattoos, the style icon has inscribed tattoos all around her body, which in fact is one of her most idiosyncratic features.

Lea Michele revealing her abs while hiking
Lea Michele revealing her abs while hiking

Lea Michele 2014 Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lea Michele Diet Plan

The stunner is one of the cautious celebs who doesn’t prefer pleasing their tongues over their bodies. Besides that, she is also prudent about the fact that her diet should be in sync with her body statistics. And since she is not tall, she stays vigilant of being not feeding large portion size of foods to her body.

As far as food choices of Lea are concerned, she keeps varying from vegan to non-vegan diet regime. While for one or two months, you will find her on strict vegan diet schedule, and before you will even know it, she will once again jump back to non-vegan diet regime. However, Lea admits of being more energized and full of beans when she is on a vegan diet plan.

Not only do vegan food items keep her in a sleeker shape, but they also relive her from several inflammatory reactions such as stomach pain, irritation etc. She commends the idea of detoxifying her body and doesn’t step back from purging her body from toxins by being on a liquid diet for one or two days.

That being said, she doesn’t point up crash diet or fad diet plans which have you starve your body for several days. Detox program for one day or two doesn’t harm your body; it actually boosts up your metabolism and immune system by propelling all the toxins out from your body. While being on detox plans, the gorgeous actress forbids even tea and coffee. She mainly counts on water, green smoothies, and low-calorie veggies to energize her body.

Lea Michele Workout Routine

Lea abides by an agile schedule and considers her exercises as vital as are foods. Being not very fascinated with indoor gym activities, she feels more inclined to outdoor activities such as biking, swimming, hiking etc. The sizzling beauty loves doing yoga and feels immensely relaxed to the core after going through her sessions of yoga.

Yoga has tremendously attributed in making her body lither and marvelous. It’s the influence of yoga that Lea can make varied tough moves of dance. Her second most adored exercise is dance which is one of the superb forms of aerobics.

The brunette can perpetually dance for hours to torch surplus pounds from her body. Besides enhancing strength and stamina, dance also makes her posture straight and makes her look more poised and outstanding. It was only the result of her insane dancing which mainly was responsible for her makeover prior to appearing in Glee.

She also executes high impact interval and weight training to incorporate multiplicity in her workouts, which indeed save her from becoming a victim of weight loss plateau.

Healthy Recommendation For Lea Michele Fans

Should you seek to have trimmed waist and buffed butts like Lea, you can have that by working on your diet without undermining your workouts. There are some foods which naturally boost fat scorching process in your body without making you feel hungry.

By incorporating such foods in your diet, you can turn on weight loss process. For example, whenever you feel hungry, consume protein-rich foods such as protein bars, protein smoothie etc. in small quantity. Equipped with an incredible capacity of keeping you content for a longer duration, protein snacks rev up your metabolism.

In the same way, you can inculcate high fiber foods in your diet. Not only do these low-calorie foods catalyze fat burning process, but they also rid your body of destructive toxins. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to consume tasteless foods. By being a little bit more creative, you can add yummy flavor to your snack, for instance, by mixing natural herbs and spices in your snacks, you can make them taste delicious.

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    • There are ways to lose weight without exercise. You just have to be in a very strict diet and commit. As you get closer to your goal, the weight will be harder to lose, then you might want to put a few minutes of exercise to speed up the process. But you can most definitely lose weight without exercise!


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