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Lea Michele Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lea Michele Exercise and Food Preferences

Lea Michele is one of the fittest celebrities who belong to American television. She prides herself on keeping fit all the time and is very serious about ensuring that she leads a healthy lifestyle. She tries different exercises and diet plans to ensure that her body remains the best it can be and not please anyone else. Have a look at her exercise and diet secrets right here.

Changing Her Body

The American actress says that she works on her fitness whenever she can carve out some time from her busy schedule, but she never gives in to outside pressures to look good. She never tried to look perfect to please others in the past or present but believes in celebrating her uniqueness even in a world where people want her to look perfect all the time. Her uniqueness is what has helped her to get where she is now.

Preferred Exercises

The lovely lady believes in the power of yoga to stay focused when she is on a set. As she works on a crazy schedule and travels a lot, yoga helps her to feel good from the inside and look beautiful on the outside.

A Hiking Fan

The diva likes to hit the trails near her home whenever possible. She thinks that hiking is a workout that not only ensures her body remains fit but also lifts her spirit as well. That’s the kind of workouts she loves the most. She says that she can never work out in a gym where music is blaring and people are looking at their own bodies in the mirror. Some people do but she can’t.

Mental Wellbeing

The stunner says that she likes exercising because it contributes to her mental wellbeing. Workouts can help lift your mood when you are feeling down, and they work well even when you are in a good mood. Working out is her ‘me time’ and she likes it the way it is because exercise helps her get the energy to do everything she wants in her life.

Hidden Benefit of Working Out

Apart from helping her to look great, the exercise sessions help the singer to eat like a man at times. She also thinks that indulging on a Sunday or a trip with friends is not bad when you are working out so hard.

When she indulges, she never regrets it but goes back to her workout routine that helps her to get back in shape again! An indulgence she can rarely refuse is red wine with no preservatives. She is also a fan of Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss non-dairy frozen dessert as it helps her to satisfy her sweet tooth. She likes the chocolate peanut butter flavor the best.

Diet Secrets

The Glee (2009-2015) alum says that a secret to following a good diet is to ensure that you don’t have any unhealthy snacks at home. She follows what she preaches and keeps her home vegan by stocking fruits and vegetables in her fridge and pantry section.

Some of the snacks she loves are fresh cherries, blueberries, and blackberries. She also likes citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and sliced lemons. She is also a fan of healthy drinks like still and sparkling water, SmartWater, aloe vera juice, orange juice, and Almond milk by Whole Foods Market.

Her pantry is stocked with gimMe Organic’s Sushi Nori Roasted Seaweed which is a perfect snack, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Lärabar, a snack you need when you are on the go and KIND’s Maple Quinoa Clusters that you can have on its own or top of a smoothie or yogurt.

Changing Diet Plans

The Mayor (2017-Present) actress has also confessed that she keeps changing her diet plan. Currently, she is hooked on a vegetarian diet plan. Before that, she tried a soup and juice cleanse for three days which was amazing and helped her to reset her system.

Great Team

The beauty also thinks that having great people around make you healthy and happy. So, she is lucky to have great people as her cast mates, and she says she loves them all!

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