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Mickie James Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Mickie James Quick Info
Height 5 ft 2 in
Weight 59 kg
Date of Birth August 31, 1979
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Spouse Nicholas Aldis

Mickie James is an American professional wrestler, singer, and model who started her wrestling career in 1999 as a valet. Her career as a WWE wrestler started when she signed a deal with the Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2003. She has since been working rigorously towards achieving her goals and has also opted for a parallel career as a singer. Mickie James was also listed as #1 female wrestler by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2009.

Born Name

Mickie Laree James

Nick Name

Alexis Laree, La Luchadora, Vickie Adams, Princess Alexis, Queen Alexis, Superball

Mickie James as seen in a selfie in Richmond, Virginia in September 2017
Mickie James as seen in a selfie in Richmond, Virginia in September 2017 (Mickie James / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Richmond, Virginia, United States


She used to reside in Florida before becoming a mother, after which she moved to Richmond, Virginia.




Mickie attended Bowling Green Elementary School in Milford, Virginia and graduated in 1997 from Patrick Henry High School in Ashland.

Due to the financial problems faced by her parents, she was unable to attend college immediately after school. So, she studied hard enough to gain an honors diploma that could lead to a college scholarship but she lost the chance by 1 credit when she failed in Trigonometry, a mandatory course to acquire financial assistance for college education.

Upon a friend’s suggestion, Mickie joined a wrestling school on the outskirts of Washington D.C which was a couple of hours of a car drive away from her home. She then moved on to train at Bonebreakers in Baltimore which was run by Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW) owner, Dan McDevitt.

She continued to hone her skills by attending several wrestling camps such as Funking Conservatory, run by Dory Funk Jr., and short training programs conducted by Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

Mickie took acting and modeling lessons besides her training in wrestling. Later, she enrolled online for Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration with American Intercontinental University and, immediately after, also attained a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management through distance education to learn the fundamentals of running a profitable business.


Professional Wrestler, Country Singer, Fitness Model


  • Father – Stuart James (Retired Waste-Water Treatment Worker, Landscaper turned Youth Basketball Coach)
  • Mother – Sandra Skywater Custalow Knuckles (Teacher, Real Estate Agent)
  • Siblings – Latoya James (Younger Sister) (Dispatcher at J.Sargent Reynolds Community College), Susan James (Younger Sister) (ADON at Abraxas Home Care)
  • Others – Milton Treadfield James (Paternal Grandfather), Virgin Mary Martin (Paternal Grandmother), Robert Custalow (Maternal Grandfather) (Former Navy Veteran), Irene Hines (Maternal Grandmother), Chuck Hines (Maternal Uncle), Deborah Pack (Maternal Aunt), Elisabeth Custalow (Maternal Aunt), Sandra James (Stepmother) (Manager at Red Lobster), Wayne Knuckles (Stepfather), David Knuckles (Late Half-Brother), Amanda Knuckles (Half-Sister) (Cashier at Fasmart), Wayne Knuckles Jr. (Half Brother), Possibly has 3 other step brothers


Mickie James is represented by –

  • Tony Saldano, T&T Management (Booking & Touring)
  • Linda Walker, Speer Entertainment
  • Cathy Cardenas (Publicist)


Country Music, Southern Rock


Vocals, Violin


Entertainment One (2010-2013), Sony, SMG Records & Media




  • As per WWE statistics, Mickie is:

5 ft 4 in or 162.5 cm

  • But she has often shared on Twitter that her actual height is:

5 ft 2 in or 157.5 cm


  • As per WWE statistics, her weight is:

57 kg or 125.5 lbs

  • Her actual weight is about:

59 kg or 130 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Mickie James has dated –

  1. Jake Damien (1999-2001) – Jake was an independent /freelance wrestler also known as, ‘The Ripper.’ A very young Mickie, then known as Alexis Laree, used to accompany him to the ring as his valet and, hence, the two possibly dated each other at that time.
  2. CM Punk (2003) – Former WWE Wrestler dated a long string of women before settling down with wrestler AJ Lee. He worked with Mickie James in TNA and the two were supposed to debut in WWE together as an onscreen couple in 2005 but the management abruptly changed their mind stating that the two were not a good fit together. The proximity of the two wrestlers during that period possibly converted into a brief real-life relationship.
  3. Adam Birch (2003-2006) – Professionally known as Joey Mercury or Joey Matthews, Adam is a close friend of CM Punk. He was also assigned to WWE’s Ohio Valley Wrestling in Kentucky about the same time Mickie trained there. Living in the same professional circle, Mickie was confirmed to be in a 4-year relationship with Adam Birch. However, the wrestler’s on and off struggle with drug and alcohol abuse lead to the termination of his WWE contract and possibly prevented Adam and Mickie from sustaining a long-term relationship.
  4. Kenneth George Doane (2006-2008) – Better known by his stage name Kenny Dykstra, he started professional wrestling at the age of 15 and performed his first full-fledged match for WWE in 2005. Ken who is 6.5 years younger than Mickie was formerly engaged to her for a couple of years. The couple broke up when Ken found out that Mickie was cheating on him with John Cena.
  5. John Cena (2008-2009) – As John Cena and Mickie James got close, their relationship was turned into a romantic storyline for the WWE cameras in the mid-2008. The scriptwriters put that angle to rest when the couple broke up abruptly. According to Mickie’s ex, Ken, she did not take her breakup very well and was disturbed by John’s sudden departure from her life which was presumed or rumored to be one of the reasons why Mickie was transferred from RAW to Smackdown in the fall of 2009.
  6. Nicholas Aldis aka Nick (2011-Present) – Mickie met British professional wrestler, Nick, professionally known as Magnus, upon her return to TNA Wrestling after she was released from her WWE contract. Nick is from Norfolk, England, who had been working for TNA since November 2008. The couple started dating in 2011 and welcomed a son named Donovan Patrick Aldis in September 2014 via an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy. When Mickie first found out about her pregnancy, she was in the middle of considering her next professional commitment which made her realize that motherhood was a welcome surprise that came at just the right time in her life. Nick and Mickie got engaged in December 2014 and then got married after a year on December 31, 2015.
Mickie James in a selfie with Nick Aldis in May 2016
Mickie James in a selfie with Nick Aldis in May 2016 (Mickie James / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


She has English and Scottish ancestry on her father’s side while she is of Mattaponi (Powhatan) Native American descent on her mother’s side.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Strong, slightly broad, muscular build
  • Sharp Nose
  • Symmetrical facial features

Brand Endorsements

Mickie James has endorsed –

  • Xbox 360 video game (2009)
  • Dr Pepper soft drink (2013) as part of their One of a kind Campaign
Mickie James in a mirror selfie at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in April 2018
Mickie James in a mirror selfie at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in April 2018 (Mickie James / Instagram)



She frequently attends the services at Ladysmith Baptist Church in Caroline County, Virginia.

Best Known For

  • Her professional wrestling career with WWE (2003-2010) and under the RAW brand since 2016
  • Also known for a parallel career as a country singer since 2010

First Album

Her first album was Strangers & Angels which was self-released by her in 2010.

First Wrestling Match

Professionally, she debuted in the independent circuit in 1999 playing the part of a valet for male wrestlers working for KYDA Pro Wrestling.

She fought her first singles match while working for TNA in April 2003, losing a match against Stephanie Trinity.

Mickie made her WWE debut on Raw in October 2005 as an obsessive Trish Stratus fan who wore a mask of Trish’s face as well as dressed like her as a part of her act to help her idol retain her WWE Women’s Champion.

First TV Show

Mickie James made her first TV show appearance in an episode titled From Nerd to Knockout of the daytime talk show Jenny Jones in 2000.

Personal Trainer

Mickie has come a long way from being a slim, aspiring wrestler to a strong, muscular, wrestling veteran. Other than attending several training camps organized by seasoned former wrestlers, Mickie credits WWE developmental trainers Lance Storm, Rip Rogers, and Al Snow for teaching her all the tricks of her trade.

Training consistently for over 2 decades and living on the road owing to professional commitments, she has enough knowledge and experience to frequently train independently. Her hectic lifestyle often brings along its share of challenges as in 2009 when WWE initiated a disturbing and widely criticized storyline where rival female wrestlers humiliated Mickie with a repetitive chant of ‘Piggy James’ indirectly body shaming her for her weight gain.

When Mickie was released from her contract in 2010, she renewed her physical fitness while working at TNA and the independent circuit. She merely had 4 weeks to train for her comeback fight after giving birth to her son. Being a mother, she even takes her son to the gym and fits in a quick workout while her son plays in the nursery.

She usually does strength training at Gold’s Gym 2-4 times a week and often plans her workouts intuitively. Mickie claims to have developed her instinct for training by learning to train around frequent injuries over the years. On some days, she might do a high volume weight training workout while on other days, she might limit herself to deep stretching and cardio. She also takes up Yoga sessions to keep her spine flexible and strong.

She is very fond of a training studio in her hometown that offers Tai-Chi, Pilates, and Yoga combined in a single class. When she gets bored with the same routine, she occasionally switches the pace with calisthenics and boxing.

Often, the physically rigorous routine gets too stressful in which case Mickie likes to unwind outdoors with her dogs or spend time at the stables grooming horses to calm her mind. Mickie constantly evaluates and updates her short term and long term goals to stay motivated for maintaining the year-round physical fitness.

The wrestler does not feel the need to track the macros or calories anymore since she is already well aware of healthy and unhealthy food choices. She prefers to keep her carbohydrate intake low. Mickie is unable to spare time for food preparation in advance and does not like the idea of carrying meal boxes everywhere.

Hence, she often hires the services of a food company to deliver meals according to her preferences. When that option is not available, she prefers to visit restaurants that list calorie /macro information on the menu and readily customize meals if required. Mickie keeps a protein powder handy wherever she travels. She also likes drinking green tea and preparing her own healthy smoothies.

Mickie James Favorite Things

  • Cereal – Cocoa Pebbles, Honey Comb
  • Restaurant – Arby’s
  • Movies – My Fair Lady (1964), The Princess Bride (1987)
  • Superhero – Wonder Woman
  • About Wrestling – Playing different characters
  • Historical Icon Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley
  • Song Wild Horses (1971) by The Rolling Stones
  • Song From Her First Album Don’t Apologize (Possibly inspired by the break-up from John Cena)
  • Country Singer Dolly Parton
  • Musical Influences Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Tanya Tucker, Garth Brooks
  • Feud – With Tara (Lisa Marie Varon) in TNA, With Trish Stratus in WWE
  • Sports Team – Dallas Cowboys (American Football)

Source – Twitter, IMDb,  Diva Dirt, Jawbreaker, Wikipedia   

Mickie James showing her muscles in a selfie at Crunch Fitness-West End in June 2016
Mickie James showing her muscles in a selfie at Crunch Fitness-West End in June 2016 (Mickie James / Instagram)

Mickie James Facts

  1. She developed a passion for wrestling because she used to watch it on TV with her father during her childhood. The sport was the main source of bonding between the two.
  2. After her parents got divorced, living on her maternal grandmother’s horse farm was a huge part of Mickie’s upbringing which instilled in her a massive love for horses.
  3. She practiced playing the violin for 5 years during her middle school and high school years and was also a member of her school choir.
  4. Even in her high school years, Mickie worked as a lifeguard at Kings Dominion during her summer vacation and waitressed at the Cracker Barrel in Ashland for the rest of the school year.
  5. While working at a bar in Shockoe, Mickie started learning MMA, particularly, Aikido in her late teens. She wanted a break in professional wrestling or the music industry but did not know where or how to get started.
  6. To pay her bills during the initial days of her struggle, Mickie worked as a waitress at Olive Garden restaurant and posed n*de for magazines such as Leg Show and Naughty Neighbors.
  7. Mickie got her start as a valet named Alexis Laree for KYDA Pro.
  8. Her grandmother bought a horse for her when she was 11 years old.
  9. According to a 2010 interview, Mickie owns 3 Morgan horses named Rhapsody, Bunny, and Casanova.
  10. After retiring from wrestling, Mickie intends to give all her time to maintaining a horse farm and to become an Equine trainer.
  11. She often addresses her fans as James Gang.
  12. She has a pet dog Elvis, named after Elvis Presley, and another dog called Butch.
  13. Her best friend Melissa Baur is a 5th-grade elementary school teacher who lives across Mickie’s street.
  14. Her best friend shared that Mickie is extremely family-oriented and goes out of her way to spend time with her extended family.
  15. When Hulkamania ruled the 80s wrestling era, Mickie confessed that she did not like Hulk Hogan as much as she liked the bad guys. She was a huge fan of Macho Man Randy Savage and Ric Flair.
  16. She has been featured as a character in several WWE video games.
  17. As Alexis Laree, she participated in a brutal, hardcore steel cage match called Clockwork Orange House of Fun that had weapons hanging from the sides at TNA. She is the only woman to perform in that format.
  18. She was ranked #1 female wrestler by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2009.
  19. During a practice session in February 2010, James forgot to wear her knee pads and got an abrasion on her knee which got so badly infected that it spread inside her knee joint. To prevent a threatened amputation of her leg, she was rushed to the hospital for an operation. Despite living on painkillers and antibiotics for weeks, Mickie healed within a month to make her Wrestlemania 2010 appearance. Soon after, she was fired from WWE. Mickie did not let it disappoint her and she debuted as a Country Music singer in the same year and explored her passion for singing in front of a live audience.
  20. She won her first WWE Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania 22 in 2006 after defeating Trish Stratus.
  21. She is the only woman in the wrestling history who has formerly won all the 3 main wrestling titles, namely, WWE Women’s Championship, WWE Divas Title, and the TNA Knockouts Championship.
  22. As of 2018, Mickie is a 5 time WWE Women’s Championship winner, one time WWE Diva title holder, and a 3 time TNA Knockout Championship winner which adds up to 9 titles to her credit and that is also a national record in the wrestling industry.
  23. To find out more about Mickie James, visit her official website @
  24. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Featured Image by Mickie James / Instagram

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