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Seventeen (Band) Members, Tour, Information, Facts

Members of Seventeen as seen posing together in 2017
Members of Seventeen as seen posing together in 2017 (Soompi / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Seventeen is an award-winning South Korean boy band that made its debut in May 2015. The group has amassed a global fanbase with the release of popular songs such as Very Nice, Mansae, Don’t Wanna Cry, Home, Left & Right, etc. Their rapid success caught the attention of Billboard Magazine, which included Seventeen in their list of ’21 Under 21 2015: Music’s Hottest Young Stars’.


Hip-Hop Unit

  1. Choi Seungcheol – Rapper, Dancer, Group Leader, Unit Leader
  2. Wonwoo – Singer, Songwriter, Rapper
  3. Mingyu – Singer, Songwriter, Rapper
  4. Vernon – Rapper, Songwriter

Vocal Unit

  1. Yoon Jeonghan – Singer
  2. Joshua – Singer
  3. Woozi – Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Unit Leader
  4. DK – Singer
  5. Boo Seung-kwan – Singer, Songwriter

Performance Unit

  1. Wen Junhui – Singer, Dancer, Songwriter
  2. Hoshi – Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Unit Leader
  3. The8 – Singer, Dancer, Songwriter
  4. Dino – Dancer, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter


Seoul, South Korea


K-pop, Hip Hop, Synth Pop, R&B, EDM


Pledis Entertainment

Formation Date


Singing Portfolio

  • Their debut EP 17 Carat (2015) was ranked at #9 in the Billboard‘s chart of ’10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2015’.
  • Love & Letter (2016), their first studio album comprised of fan-favorite songs like Pretty U, Very Nice, Mansae, Adore U, etc.
  • Their 2nd album Teen, Age (2017) peaked at #1 at both the Gaon Albums Chart and the US Billboard World Albums Chart.
  • In 2019, their 3rd album An Ode was certified ‘3x platinum’ by the KMCA.
  • In April 2023, SEVENTEEN released a new mini album titled FML. The album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. As of May 2023, this was their highest-ever entry on the Billboard 200 chart. In May 2023, FML received an official triple platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

Seventeen Facts

  1. The band has 3 specialized sub-units – Vocals, Performance, and Hip Hop.
  2. The band name Seventeen denotes the sum of its various parts – 13 members + 3 sub-units + 1 group = 17.
  3. The band’s official colors Rose Quartz and Serenity were announced on October 6, 2016, which marked the 500th day since their debut.
  4. Their official fan club is known as ‘Carat’ as according to S.Coups, their fans are the carats that make Seventeen‘s diamonds shine.
  5. The group’s mascot is a doll named BongBong which was created by Mingyu.
  6. Seventeen is known as a self-producing group as all members actively contribute towards songwriting, choreography, music composition, etc.
  7. In 2017, the group released their official lightstick called Carat Bong. It was followed by an upgraded version which was released in July 2019.
  8. In January 2023, it was revealed that Seventeen had teamed up with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO to launch a new donation campaign to support the education of underprivileged children and youth in various Asian and African regions. For the campaign, the group had launched a special font, which would be gifted to donors who donate more than 1,700 won (approximately $1.40).
  9. In July 2023, it was confirmed that more than 6.2 million copies of Seventeen’s album “FML” had been sold since its release in April 2023. With this, they became the first K-pop artist to sell over 6 million copies of one album.
  10. In October 2023, they released their 11th mini-album titled Seventeenth Heaven.

Featured Image by Soompi / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0

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