Tana Mongeau Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics


Born Name

Tana Mongeau (Pronounced as TAN-A MOE-JOE)

Nick Name


Tana Mongeau in April 2017
Tana Mongeau in April 2017

Sun Sign


Born Place

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States




YouTube star


  • Mother – Becca


Hip-hop, Rap





She has released her music on iTunes on her own.




5 ft 5 in or 165 cm


54 kg or 119 lbs

Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Spouse

Tana Mongeau has dated –

  1. Somer Hollingsworth (2015-2017) – Tana started going out with Instagram star Somer Hollingsworth in 2015. In April 2017, it was widely reported that they had broken up. However, he came out to shot such rumors down and insisted that they were very much together. However, then came the explosive breakup news in June 2017. Tana had collaborated with fellow social media star Kian Lawley for a YouTube video, in which she went on to perform a lap dance for Kian. The video left Somer seething, who launched a rant on Twitter accusing her of cheating on him and signaled the end of their relationship.
  2. Bella Thorne (2017) – Towards the second half of 2017, Tana and Bella were reported to have hooked up. Tana had initially tweeted about her desire to date Bella and had later tweeted about the fulfillment of a dream, sending gossip tabloids into a rumor-mongering frenzy. So as not to leave any doubt about their equation, she later posted a sultry video of them making out on her Instagram account. After that, she posted a series of pictures and videos of them together. Tana had even cast Bella in the music video of her single, Hefner. They remained in an open relationship for more than a year.
  3. Lil Xan – She was rumored to be dating rapper Lil Xan in the past.
  4. Brad Sousa (2018-2019) – Brad Sousa who is a Justin Bieber look-alike seemingly started dating Tana in 2018. In December 2018, Brad uploaded a video about his first date with Tana in Los Angeles. In January 2019, he uploaded a video about meeting Tana’s parents for the first time. In April 2019, she posted a broken heart emoji on Twitter and it seemed that the reason for separation was that Brad cheated on her with someone else.
  5. Jake Paul (2019-2020) – Just after her split with Brad, Tana started dating YouTuber Jake Paul. It started when Tana had uploaded a selfie while laying in Jake’s bed. In July 2019, they publicly revealed that they were engaged and married (but not legally). They continued to remain together until January 2020, which is the time they officially split.

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Dark Brown (Natural)

She tends to go for platinum blonde highlights.

Eye Color

Dark Green

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Platinum blonde hair
  • Fuller Lips

Brand Endorsements

Tana Mongeau has an immense following on various social networks, which has helped her to promote various brands using her social media activities. She has also promoted many products indirectly by strategically placing them in her videos.


Tana hasn’t claimed to be a part of any one religion but she does believe in God.

Best Known For

  • Her burgeoning popularity on YouTube, where she reportedly gained over two million subscribers in the space of a year. Overall, she has more than 3 million subscribers.
  • Her strong presence across various social media platforms, including Instagram on which she has more than 2 million followers.

As a Singer

In November 2017, Mongeau released her debut single, Hefner, via iTunes.

First TV Show

In 2016, she made her first TV show appearance as herself in the talk series, Shane & Friends, hosted by another YouTube star Shane Dawson.

Personal Trainer

  • Tana Mongeau keeps herself fit by following a consistent fitness regime and by making it a point to do a 45 minutes cardio session daily. However, she is not fixated on a specific cardio workout and opts to change it with time. She loves to go for a run on the trails. She also likes to do hip-hop routines for her cardio.
  • Also, she doesn’t mind going to the gym for her cardio session. In the gym, she likes to get on the treadmill or elliptical machine and also performs a series of bodyweight exercises such as burpees and crunches.
  • She complements her workout regime by eating a healthy diet. As she often tends to get lazy about preparing healthy dishes, she makes sure that she buys something healthy and has stocked it for her hunger pangs. She also makes it a point to drink a lot of water and in fact, she starts the day with a glass of chilled water, which gets her metabolism going in the morning.

Tana Mongeau Favorite Things

  • Fitness App – Pump up
  • Healthy Snack on the go – Smoothies
  • At home Healthy Snack – Whole Foods packs that have diced veggies, pretzels, hummus, fruits
  • Smoothie – Tropical Smoothie and Jamba Juice


Tana Mongeau Facts

  1. Tana Mongeau had a rough childhood as her household was constantly engulfed in domestic fights.
  2. When she was in 2nd grade, she was stalked by someone. Although she managed to get him jailed, she is not sure whether he has given up stalking her or not.
  3. In December 2016, she started a feud with fellow YouTube star Ian Carter about his use of the n-word. The feud escalated when he went to her meet and greet event in January 2017 and yelled the same word upon meeting her on the stage, which led to her storming off, and he was thrown out by the security.
  4. Tana started drinking when she was studying in the 8th grade. Also, she started smoking weed by the time she reached the age of 14.
  5. In August 2017, a parent of one of the teens attending her show at Freehold in New Jersey called the police after getting offended by the overtly vulgar and sexual language used by Tana in the show.
  6. Tana started her YouTube journey in April 2015 and her first video to receive more than a million views was Kicked out of Walmart.
  7. In 2016, Tana had a septoplasty, a procedure to correct a deviated septum.
  8. She was not invited to the VidCon 2018 event as a featured creator. Because of this, Tana created her own event called TanaCon in Anaheim, California. But, this didn’t go well and the event was called-off within 6 hours of starting.
  9. To share uncensored content, Tana started her OnlyFans account in May 2020.
  10. In October 2020, Tana lost her YouTube verification badge after she offered her OnlyFans followers nude pictures if they proved that they voted for Joe Biden in the presidential election. At that time, Tana had around 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Featured Image by Tana Mongeau / Instagram / CC BY-SA 4.0

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