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Celebrities Who Have Battled Co-Occurring Disorders: Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

A fragile mental organization, a grueling work schedule, and constant stress are the reasons why celebrities hardly ever have good health.

Alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs, anorexia, bulimia have long been a part of the bohemian life of stars. Some celebrities cannot cope with the busy shooting schedule, others want to appear thinner on screens. Stars come to clinics and rehabilitation centers, either having reached the very bottom or (which happens more often) when their addiction becomes public.

However, there are those who have coped with their mental and addiction problems, thanks to rehabilitation centers, qualified doctors, and supportive online na meetings. Nowadays, everybody, not only a Hollywood star, can get support at na support groups online.

J. K. Rowling, Clinical Depression

English writer J. K. Rowling has never hidden that she suffers from lingering depression, during which she feels completely overwhelmed. Sometimes, the author of “Harry Potter” even has thoughts of suicide. By the way, it was clinical depression that inspired Rowling to create images of Dementors – creatures feeding on human hopes, joy, and inspiration.

J. K. Rowling says that she was never ashamed of her peculiarity. Depression is not a stigma, even for a celebrity. On the contrary, it can become an occasion to start an open discussion about borderline states of the psyche and help destroy harmful myths that exist around depression, bipolar disorder, and anorexia.

Samuel L. Jackson, Heroin Addiction

The troubled childhood of Samuel L. Jackson could not but affect his attitude to drugs and alcohol. In his youth, the future actor was a real heroin addict who constantly stayed between life and death from an overdose. No matter how trite it sounds, the career saved Jackson, namely the role of a heroin addict in the drama “Jungle Fever”. A look from the outside at his miserable existence sobered Sam, and he carefully took up his own health, physical and mental. Today, Jackson is a sports enthusiast and an active philanthropist.

Stephen Fry, Bipolar Disorder

Stephen Fry has always described himself as “a boy who couldn’t join anyone,” who had mixed feelings about people around him. It was both the consciousness of their superiority and the fear of people and their assessment.

His whole life until the age of 37 was a series of ups and downs, periods of dazzling activity, when he slept for 4 hours a day, did everything and felt capable of everything – and others, when he was unable to get out of bed, hated himself and was sure that he was not capable of anything.

He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 37, and that explained everything. In 2006, Fry made a documentary about the disease, where, among other things, he talked about his first suicide attempt. Stephen Fry is one of the most sincere actors of our time, who does not hide anything from the public and speaks openly about personal things.

Dennis Quaid, Cocaine Addiction

Dennis Quaid‘s acting career flourished in the 80s when drugs among creative people transformed into heavier cocaine. Quaid did not escape addiction, but the actor justified his surrender to addiction by the fact that drugs at that time had become virtually an obligatory attribute of the film business – cocaine was delivered to the actors directly to the set on demand. Several deaths of loved ones and friends made Quaid doubt that drugs could reveal his potential, and the actor managed to quit before we could lose it. He also found out the benefits of na meetings, after which he has been staying sober for a lot of years.

Winona Ryder, Kleptomania

A talented actress and wealthy woman has had problems with the law more than once. Winona Ryder kept “forgetting” to pay for her purchases until one day she was caught trying to take out of the store clothes, bags, and jewelry, which cost several thousand dollars. Winona Ryder could buy things but preferred to steal them. At one of the court sessions, there was a video that shows how the actress cut the price tags from clothes right on the trading floor. Winona’s personal therapist believes that the actress developed kleptomania against a background of constant stress.

Johnny Depp, Alcohol and Drugs

The world-famous pirate captain Johnny Depp has actually always been a follower figure – any relationship, love or friendship, changed him almost beyond recognition. Not too long, but the stormy connection with supermodel Kate Moss, for example, almost made Johnny an invalid. 24-hour non-stop parties, accompanied by the use of drugs and alcoholic libations, could knock anybody off their feet. Fortunately, the actor managed to quit after rehabs and online na meetings and escaped from the crowd’s influence. Now his connection with drugs remains only on-screen like in “Cocaine” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.

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  1. Demi battled her eating disorder after Sonny with a Chance ended remember? She knew returning to the Disney skitcom (yes, that is what its successor So Random! was) would put her health in serious peril.


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