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Lucy Mecklenburgh Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Lucy Mecklenburgh Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2016 Edition

She was a popular TV star and now is a fitness expert. We are talking about the sexy and stunning Lucy Mecklenburgh who runs her own fitness website and helps people to get fit by showing off her own toned body from time to time. Here we will find out what workout and diet secrets the lovely lady is following these days to look so amazing.

Lucy Mecklenburgh at InStyle EE BAFTA Rising Star Party in London in 2016
Lucy Mecklenburgh at InStyle EE BAFTA Rising Star Party in London in 2016

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the celebrity is quite simple. She works out almost every day because fitness is her priority. Her preferred workouts are HIIT and Pilates. But she tries all the workouts she has posted on her official website (resultswithlucy.com).

Workout Motivation

Doing a variety of workouts is what keeps Lucy going. She likes experimenting with her workouts because she gets bored with doing the same exercise over and over again. (Don’t we all!!) The website managed by her also describes more than 300 workouts so that her fans also never feel bored with the same exercise plan.

Lucy Mecklenburgh workout
Lucy Mecklenburgh workout

Workout Relaxation

Though the TV personality likes to workout at least 4 to 5 days in a week but she relaxes the rules if she has had a very busy week. (Smart choice, we must say)

Motivating Others for Workout

The Essex born also likes to motivate others through her posts and helps people to keep from overindulging on special occasions. A few days before Christmas, the fitness fanatic shared an interesting post via Instagram to keep people motivated. She wrote “You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow… You choose!!”

But the owner of an online fitness empire is not too harsh. She accepted that relaxing on holidays is essential when she shared that she would be watching TV after a long day at work and wrap Christmas presents again, a few days before the Christmas. (We think she wants you to enjoy every occasion but doesn’t want you to forget the value of staying fit during the festive season, don’t you agree?)

Lucy Mecklenburgh doing a workout in a London park
Lucy Mecklenburgh doing a workout in a London park

Diet Plan


The former TOWIE – The Only Way is Essex (2010-Present) actress starts her day with eggs. She often has a spinach and sweet potato frittata for breakfast. Sometimes, she also eats scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.


Quinoa salad with a tuna steak is the lunch preference of the fitness enthusiast.


The dinner meal usually involves eating courgetti bolognese.

Lucy Mecklenburgh in red bikini during a photoshoot on a Beach in Dubai in June 2015
Lucy Mecklenburgh in a red bikini during a photo shoot on a Beach in Dubai in June 2015


Peppermint tea is what keeps the attractive woman going through her hectic schedules as she drinks it several times a day.


For snacks, Mecklenburgh sticks to healthy options such as almonds or fruits.


The fitness guru has no aversion to sweets. She admits to having dark chocolate with coconut after dinner.


The hottie also likes to cook her own foods as often as she can. When in the kitchen, she likes experimenting with healthy recipes.

Beauty Secrets

If you wish to be as beautiful as Lucy, here are a few useful tips she shared that will come in handy. She advises you to not do many experiments with contouring. You should opt for your comfort while blending it. You should not be too obsessive about it. If there’s a small line on your cheekbones, let it be. You should also focus on highlights as they really look good in pictures. She is also not in favor of baking as it makes her look too white.

Lucy Mecklenburgh doing a workout in a London park
Lucy Mecklenburgh doing a workout in a London park

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