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Top 7 Celebrities Open Up About Their Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

The public is used to the fact that most actors, TV stars, and politicians hide all that is connected to plastic surgery. Recently, the tendency has changed a lot. We are going to reveal a list of some celebrities who have made some improvement to their bodies and celebrate it openly.

Modern people should stop feeling ashamed and guilty for everything connected to aesthetic procedures. Celebs prove and inspire thousands of men and women that there is no point in keeping it secret.

Some people choose to do facial fillers to stop aging processes, while others do nose jobs, breast reduction/enhancements, liposuction, and many other plastic surgeries to enhance self-confidence and get the appearance of their dreams. These days, more and more Americans prefer to do plastic surgery in Mexico. It is safe and more affordable to do such aesthetic procedures there.

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Celebrities Demonstrating Successful Plastic Surgeries

We are going to scroll through the top 5 celebrities and their experience with plastic surgeries. By reading successful stories, you will get some extra inspiration to improve some parts of the body that cause you discomfort. We are all born not perfect. If you feel like plastic surgery can make you look younger and more beautiful, go for it without any hesitation.

Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly is the star of The Shahs of Sunset, who revealed at the beginning of 2023 that she had plastic surgery on her nose. While most women hide or deny such personal details, Lilly shared the news with her Instagram followers, saying that her nose was cute, but she had difficulties with normal breathing. Now the problem is solved, and she enjoys breathing without any distractions. This brave celebrity is honest about her plastic surgery experience because she would like to motivate other men and women not to be afraid or ashamed to do it to boost their quality of life.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is a well-known author of one of the bestselling books “Cravings“. She is known as the wife of John Legend, a famous American singer-songwriter. Chrissy had shared with the worldwide public that she had breast enhancement surgery when she was around 20 years old. Chrissy Teigen was not afraid to reveal this personal detail to Glamour U.K. Magazine in 2020. The primary motivation behind having plastic surgery was to improve the look of the breasts and look more self-confident while posing in front of photo cameras.

Cardi B

Cardi B is a real celebrity in the rap world. She is a beautiful woman who is like an open book without any complexes. Her followers from all around the globe appreciate that the celebrity is open and honest about many personal things, including her experiences with plastic surgeries, marriage life, former career, etc. In 2018, Cardi B gave birth to a sweet daughter. The way her body changed after the pregnancy motivated Cardi B to do liposuction and a breast lift. She organized a live session on Instagram, where she explained her motivation and wanted to support mothers who were not happy with their appearance after giving birth.

Kylie Jenner

If you use Instagram and stay updated with social media trends, you probably follow Kylie Jenner, who is a super influencer on the social platform. Instagram account of Kylie counts more than 380 million followers worldwide. Kylie was never hiding that she had lip fillers. Her first surgery was at a pretty young age, at 17 years old. Kylie thinks that you do not have to wait till you are old person to do plastic surgery. You can improve any part of your body without feeling ashamed or guilty. The Kardashian family is a perfect example that plastic surgeries can do miracles.

Iggy Azalea

Izzy Azalea is a Grammy winner and a happy mother. All her fans were amazed to see her stunning post-baby body. In the beginning, she claimed that she was doing a lot of sports and following a well-balanced diet. In 2015, Iggy admitted that she had nose and breast surgery. Some followers claim that the Australian rapper had a chin implant done as well, but officially there is no information. If you compare the body of Iggy, 11 years ago, when she arrived in public, with what we can see now, the change is obvious.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is one of the first celebrities who are not afraid to be honest. She speaks freely about her plastic surgeries. Dolly enhanced her body features many times to attract people’s attention and look brighter than the average crowd. Dolly Parton has even revealed to the Guardian all the details of her personal life, which includes numerous experiences with plastic surgeries.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is a world-known supermodel and author. In 2018, she shared the details of her rhinoplasty journey, which she had at the beginning of her modeling career. The main motive was to remove bones that were causing issues with breathing.

What Are The Main Indications For Plastic Surgery?

There are a lot of indications for doing plastic surgery, and each case is individual. Many experts claim that plastic surgery has a lot of benefits. They include improved body shape, younger appearance, enhanced self-esteem and confidence, and improved mental and physical health. Plastic surgery can be prescribed to improve the following –

  • The aging process causes certain cosmetic defects in the body.
  • Body contour is not perfect.
  • Certain parts of the body with excess fat.
  • Enlarging/reducing body parts.
  • Improving the overall functioning or boosting the aesthetic look of any body part due to trauma or diseases.

Whether plastic surgery needs to be done or not, is a personal choice. No one has the right to stop you. It is not taboo anymore to admit the fact of having successful plastic surgery. There are so many plastic procedures that are safe and risk-free. If a person is brave enough to undergo surgery, there is nothing to be afraid to speak about openly and publicly. People should not be frightened to boost their physical features and self-esteem.

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