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Eli Roth Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Eli Roth Quick Info
Height 6 ft
Weight 82 kg
Date of Birth April 18, 1972
Zodiac Sign Aries
Eye Color Dark Brown

Eli Roth is an American producer, director, screenwriter, and actor, recognized for being one of the best horror directors of the early 21st century. He first came to prominence for directing horror movies such as Cabin Fever (2002), Hostel (2005), and Hostel: Part II (2007). Eli also directed horror movies The Green Inferno (2013), Knock Knock (2015), and Death Wish (2018). In 2018, he undertook a project to direct his 1st ever PG-13 rated movie titled The House with a Clock in Its Walls, starring Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, and Owen Vaccaro. After working mainly as a film producer between 1994 and 2015, Eli also began working as an executive producer in the TV series Hemlock Grove in 2013 and did so until 2015.

In 2015, he also co-founded a digital company with a focus on short-form horrors titled Crypt TV. After that, Eli continued his career by producing TV series such as 1 Minute Horror (2015), Violet (2015), South of Hell (2015), Real Scares (2015-2016), #15SecondScare (2015-2016), Afterlife (2017), and Eli Roth’s History of Horror (2018). As a movie actor, he also starred in Cabin Fever (2002), 2001 Maniacs (2005), Death Proof (2007), Inglourious Basterds (2009), Don’t Look Up (2009), Rock of Ages (2012), Aftershock (2012), The Man with the Iron Fists (2012), and Clown (2014). Eli has amassed a large fanbase on social media, consisting of more than 300k followers on Twitter, more than 300k followers on Instagram, and more than 200k followers on Facebook.

Born Name

Eli Raphael Roth

Nick Name

Gorilka, David Kaufbird, Alois von Eichberg

Eli Roth during an event as seen in October 2007
Eli Roth during an event as seen in October 2007 (pinguino k / Flickr / CC BY-2.0)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Newton, Massachusetts, United States


Los Angeles, California, United States





Eli Roth attended Newton South High School in Newton, Massachusetts, United States.

After graduating, Eli enrolled in New York University Tisch School of the Arts in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States, and graduated summa cum laude in 1994.


Producer, Director, Actor, Screenwriter


  • Father – Sheldon Roth (Psychiatrist/Psychoanalyst, Clinical Professor)
  • Mother – Cora Roth (Painter)
  • Siblings – Gabriel Roth (Younger Brother) (Producer, Screenwriter, Director), Adam J. Roth (Older Brother) (Actor, Director)
  • Others – Milton Morris David Roth (Paternal Grandfather), Anna Cohen (Paternal Grandmother), Philip Bialis/Biolis (Maternal Grandfather), Libby/Libbie Lang (Maternal Grandmother), Max Roth (Paternal Grand-Grandfather), Esther Stella Randel (Paternal Grand-Grandmother), Jacob Cohen (Paternal Grand-Grandfather), Gussie Rosanoff (Paternal Grand-Grandmother), Gershon/Harry Bialis (Maternal Grand-Grandfather), Minnie/Mindel Bialis (Maternal Grand-Grandmother), Isaac/Isak Reuben/Rubin Lang (Maternal Grand-Grandfather), Chaya Hinde “Annie” Gouldner/Goldner (Maternal Grand-Grandmother)


Eli Roth is represented by –

  • William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment (Talent Agent) in Beverly Hills, California, United States
  • Rowe PR (Publicist) in Los Angeles, California, United States, and New York City, New York, United States
  • Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal Laviolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman (Legal Representative) in Beverly Hills, California, United States
  • Dragonfly Entertainment (Company Principal, Producer) in Encino, California, United States
  • Exquisite Corpse (Company Principal, Producer) in Encino, California, United States
  • Raw Nerve (Company Producer) in the United States
  • The Arts District (Company Producer) in the United States




6 ft or 183 cm


82 kg or 181 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Eli Roth has dated –

  1. Cerina Vincent (2002-2003) – He dated actress Cerina Vincent for a year after she starred in the well-known movie he directed, Cabin Fever (2002).
  2. Courtney Peldon (2004-2005) – Eli and actress Courtney Peldon started dating in 2004. They dated for almost a year before breaking up in 2005.
  3. Barbara Nedeljakova (2005-2009) – Eli was in a long-term relationship with the Slovakian actress for 4 years from 2005 to 2009. A spark ignited between them after he directed her in his movie Hostel (2005).
  4. Peaches Geldof (2010) – In 2010, Eli was in a relationship with the TV personality, Peaches Geldof. Even though they broke up at the end of the year, they remained on good terms. In May 2011, the two were seen partying in Los Angeles, California together, even though Peaches already had a new boyfriend. Unfortunately, she died of a heroin overdose in April 2014, which still hurt Eli even though they were long broken up.
  5. Lorenza Izzo (2011-2018) – Eli’s most prominent relationship was with the Chilean actress and model, who he started dating in 2011. They dated for 3 and a half years and got married on November 8, 2014, on a beach in a Chilean city, Zapallar. The strength of their marriage was shown in 2015 after Eli directed and wrote a movie Knock Knock. In a lot of scenes, Lorenza and another actress Ana de Armas had violent s*x scenes with Keanu Reeves in front of Eli. He claimed that he felt comfortable and said they all did their job professionally. Unfortunately, on July 18, 2018, Lorenza and Eli divorced citing irreconcilable differences. When asked about the exact reason, both claimed they would have killed each other unless they went their separate ways.
  6. Noor Alfallah (2018) – Rumor
Eli Roth at the 82nd Academy Awards in March 2010
Eli Roth at the 82nd Academy Awards in March 2010 (Sgt. Michael Connors / / Public Domain)

Race / Ethnicity


He is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Tall, athletic physique
  • Slicked back haircut

Brand Endorsements

Eli Roth has endorsed his own brand Crypt TV (2015).

Eli Roth speaking at the 2013 WonderCon
Eli Roth speaking at the 2013 WonderCon (Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Best Known For

  • His producer credits for TV series Hemlock Grove (2013-2015), 1 Minute Horror (2015), South of Hell (2015), Real Scares (2015-2016), #15SecondScare (2015-2016), Afterlife (2017), and Eli Roth’s History of Horror (2018), as well as movies Cabin Fever (2002), Hostel (2005), Grindhouse (2007), and Hostel: Part II (2007)
  • Being a film director for The Green Inferno (2013), Knock Knock (2015), Death Wish (2018), and The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018)
  • His roles in Cabin Fever (2002), 2001 Maniacs (2005), Death Proof (2007), Inglourious Basterds (2009), Rock of Ages (2012), and Clown (2014)

First Film

Eli Roth made his theatrical film debut with an uncredited role of a Student in the romantic comedy The Mirror Has Two Faces in 1996.

As a credited actor, Eli Roth made his theatrical film debut as Shocked Onlooker in the comedy-horror film, Terror Firmer in 1999.

First TV Show

Eli Roth made his first TV show appearance as himself in an episode titled 50 Worst Songs, Britney’s New Video and More of the comedy series Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins in 2004.

Personal Trainer

Eli has kept his physique in check for the large portion of his life, and even though paparazzi caught him sporting a dad bod at one point, he quickly got back in shape. He is a big fan of going to the gym but also running in nature on the riverside. Eli was also chosen as the “Most Fit Director” in the June/July issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine in 2006. There were also reports that he made a muscle mass/fat weight gain of 35 lbs to play the role of Donny Donowitz in Inglourious Basterds (2009).

In 2017, he reported being obsessed with doing jaguar push-ups in the morning. As for diet, Eli always tries to get up at 7 A.M. every morning but sleeps longer if he wrote late the previous day. For breakfast, he drinks a cold-pressed grapefruit juice and is a big proponent of drinking alkaline water and washing his face with it every morning. Eli also drinks yams, oatmeal, brown rice, eggs, and often grinds his own coffee beans, which he didn’t start drinking until he was 33 years old.

Eli Roth Favorite Things

  • Horror MoviesThe Uninvited (1944), Ugetsu (1953), House on Haunted Hill (1959), The Innocents (1961), Carnival of Souls (1962), Don’t Look Now (1973), The Exorcist (1973), The Legend of Hell House (1973), Burnt Offerings (1976), The Fog (1980), Beetlejuice (1988), The Frighteners (1996), The Others (2001), Ju-On: The Grudge (2002), Dark Water (2002), It Follows (2014)
  • ActressesMary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen
  • ActorPeter Sellers
  • Music Genre – Classic Rock
  • BandsGuns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Boomtown Rats
  • SingersDavid Bowie, Devo
  • Scientist – Nikola Tesla
  • Animals – Dog, Horse, Shark, Lion, Jaguar, Tiger, Donkey, Camel, Cobra
  • Activities – Diving With The Sharks, Skiing
  • Drink – Coffee

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Eli Roth in an Instagram post as seen in May 2019
Eli Roth in an Instagram post as seen in May 2019 (Eli Roth / Instagram)

Eli Roth Facts

  1. He shot his 1st movie in 1979 after he saw Ridley Scott‘s masterpiece, Alien. Before he graduated from university, he made more than 100 short films with his friends using ketchup for blood and his dad’s power tools.
  2. During the time he studied at the New York University, he and his friends worked as cybers*x phone operators, pretending to be females to fund their movies.
  3. Eli was an assistant on the Private Parts, a movie based on Howard Stern‘s autobiography. At night, he would write scripts for movies in the studio while Howard slept.
  4. His student thesis film, named Restaurant Dogs to give homage to Quentin Tarantino‘s Reservoir Dogs earned him a Student Academy Award in 1995.
  5. He got the idea for his big break movie Cabin Fever (2002) after he rode a pony horse in Iceland and contracted a dangerous flesh-eating disease.
  6. The character of a p*rn director Eli in the movie The Girl Next Door (2004) was based entirely on him.
  7. A director named Chloe Nichole, after being on the set of Cabin Fever (2002), directed a p*rn parody movie S*x Fever (2003). Eli was flattered but disappointed that she didn’t invite him to visit her set.
  8. Eli shared almost all of the profits from the movie Cabin Fever (2002) with his cast and crew. From a budget of only 1.5 million, the movie earned 8.6 million in its first week, and more than 21 million in the United States alone.
  9. He has a tendency to do voice impressions of people he works with. Eli uses this skill to engage and entertain his crew during long hours of filming.
  10. Eli has psoriasis, which is a genetic, non-contagious skin disorder.
  11. He was fired by a director while working on Meet Joe Black (1998). Eli still worked as a production assistant but had to hide in the basement and even turn off his air condition to avoid being discovered.
  12. In 2007, Eli was interviewed by the Italian Vogue magazine and spoke of his love for fashion. He also joked that he made movies so that he could live out his dream of being a supermodel on the red carpet.
  13. Despite being a well-known horror director and producer, he cannot stand the sight of real blood, as it makes him sick. Fake blood doesn’t affect him in the slightest.
  14. Eli has a life-threatening allergy to cats, and cannot even be in the same house as them.
  15. He is also allergic to cigarettes and has asthma. For that reason, no smoking is allowed on his sets, and he has to watch through from a separate room if scenes require smoking.
  16. In low light, Eli claims to be red/black, as well as blue/black colorblind.
  17. Eli writes all of his scripts by hand, which he learned from Quentin Tarantino. Just in case he loses the notebooks, his handwriting is intentionally unreadable.
  18. A haunted house titled Eli Roth’s Goretorium was opened in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States in September 2012. The company that owned the house closed down in October 2013.
  19. He filmed a horror The Green Inferno (2013) in an Amazonian village only accessible by a motorboat, and with no running water or electricity. The natives didn’t know what a movie was, and Eli had to bring a TV with him to show them. After they received permission, the whole village signed up to play cannibals.
  20. In April 2013, Eli directed the music video for the Snoop Dogg‘s lead single as Snoop Lion, titled La La La.
  21. Eli rewrote the screenplay for Death Wish (2018) in only 3 weeks. Bruce Willis played the main character of Paul Kersey in the movie.
  22. He worked on producing the movie Baywatch (2017) starring Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, and Alexandra Daddario. Eli was replaced before the movie came out, but still got credited as a co-producer for his efforts.
  23. In May 2019, he created Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Uncut, a podcast where he interviewed well-known horror directors and producers in the industry.
  24. Visit his official website @
  25. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Featured Image by Eli Roth / Instagram

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