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Jennifer Coolidge Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Jennifer Coolidge Quick Info
Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 68 kg
Date of Birth August 28, 1961
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Eye Color Hazel

Jennifer Coolidge is an American actress who has a long list of supporting roles to her credit in both critically acclaimed and commercially successful projects. Other than the American Pie franchise, she was a part of Legally Blonde (2001), Zoolander (2001), A Cinderella Story (2004), Click (2006), Epic Movie (2007), and The Emoji Movie (2017). Coolidge created memorable characters in Christopher Guest mockumentaries such as Best in Show (2000), and For Your Consideration (2006) as well as earned guest roles in iconic TV shows including Seinfeld (1993), Frasier (2001), S*x and the City (2003), Friends (2003), and Glee (2015). She has a huge social media fan base with more than 300k followers on Instagram and more than 200k followers on Twitter.

Born Name

Jennifer Audrey Coolidge

Nick Name

Jen, Jenny

Jennifer Coolidge in an Instagram post as seen in September 2019
Jennifer Coolidge in an Instagram post as seen in September 2019 (Jennifer Coolidge / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


  • Hollywood Hills, California, United States
  • New Orleans, Louisiana, United States




Jennifer studied at Norwell High School and The Cambridge School of Weston in Massachusetts. She finished her acting program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1982 and graduated with a degree in Theatre from Emerson College, Boston in 1985.


Character Actress, Stand-up Comedian, Activist


  • Father – Paul Constant Coolidge (Plastics Manufacturer)
  • Mother – Gretchen Coolidge née Knauff
  • Siblings – Susannah Coolidge (Sister) (Executive Director of the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council), Elizabeth Coolidge (Sister), Andrew Coolidge (Brother)
  • Others – John Templeman Coolidge IV (Paternal Grandfather), Susannah Cunningham (Paternal Grandmother), Paul A. Knauff (Maternal Grandfather), Mildred A. Adkisson (Maternal Grandmother)


Jennifer Coolidge is represented by –

  • United Talent Agency (UTA)
  • The Schiff Company
  • Michael Noonan, Personal Assistant




5 ft 10 in or 178 cm


68 kg or 150 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Jennifer Coolidge has dated –

  1. Chris Kattan (2001) – Jennifer reportedly dated former Saturday Night Live cast member, Christopher Lee Kattan in 2001. The comedian is nearly 10 years younger and a couple of inches shorter than Jennifer. The couple knew each other from the time they worked together in The Groundlings improvisation group.
  2. Banks McClintock (2004–2005) – The actress was in a live-in relationship with Groundlings member named Banks McClintock who was a third-year student at the company’s school when he first met Jennifer. He is 8 years younger to Coolidge, and the two not only got into a relationship but also became writing partners and started a production company. The couple dated for almost a year from 2004 to 2005.
  3. After her breakup with Banks McClintock, Jennifer used to share her relationship status in interviews but would never reveal the identity of the man she would be dating. Ever since she got cast as Jeanine Stifler in the American Pie franchise (1999, 2001, 2003, 2012) she admitted that she only got asked out by much younger men in their 20s and 30s, and she agreed to go out with many of them even though none of those relationships converted into a long term commitment.
  4. At one point, she dated 7 actors in a row and faced as many relationship problems with the good looking dramatic actor as much as with the guy next door comic actor who always had something to prove. In a 2015 interview, Jennifer confessed that she was tired of dating actors and professionals from the entertainment industry and wished to date someone who did share her professional background. Being a famous actress did not help her get meaningful dates on dating sites, so she looked forward to meeting new and different people while traveling for her stand-up comedy tours.
Jennifer Coolidge (Right) and Maritza Veer in a selfie in November 2018
Jennifer Coolidge (Right) and Maritza Veer in a selfie in November 2018 (Maritza Veer / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


She has English, Scottish, Irish, and German ancestry.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Emotes in a range of exaggerated accents to play caricaturized characters
  • Signature pout for selfies & photos
  • Resembles actress Daryl Hannah

Brand Endorsements

  • She was cast in the TV commercials for Pet Smart and Direct TV in 2015.
  • In February 2023, Jennifer appeared in e.l.f. Cosmetics‘ 2023 ‘Super Bowl’ commercial.
Jennifer Coolidge at the Romy TV Awards in April 2012
Jennifer Coolidge at the Romy TV Awards in April 2012 (Manfred Werner / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0)



Best Known For

  • Playing Jeanine Stifler, mother of Steve Stifler (performed by Seann William Scott) in the comedy franchise American Pie
  • Portraying Sophie Kachinsky in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls (2012–2017)

First Film

She made her theatrical film debut as a nurse in the science fiction film Not of This Earth in 1995.

As a voice actress, she made her theatrical film debut as Aunt Fanny, a motherly robot in the 2005 film Robots.

First TV Show

She made her TV show debut as a masseuse named Jodi in an episode of Seinfeld in 1993.

As a voice actress, she made her TV show debut as Miss June Kremzer in King of the Hill in 1997.

Personal Trainer

The character actress has faced her share of body weight issues. Since, she was usually cast in caricature roles that were loud or dumb and often lacked the prerequisite to look pretty, at one point, Jennifer stopped working out and gained weight.

In 2004, she opted for an outdoor boot camp retreat in British Columbia to get in shape. Ever since then, she has experimented with several diets and wellness trends to stay fit. In 2011, she told during an interview that she went on a diet of blueberries and salmon to get healthier skin.

The actress relies a lot upon Spanx slimming innerwear to fit into her dresses even though she often complains that they are uncomfortable. Jennifer is fond of coffee and likes to visit new cafés in search of the perfect cup.

Jennifer Coolidge Favorite Things

  • TV Show Genre – Crime Shows on Investigation Discovery
  • Coffee – Espresso
  • Café – La Colombe
  • Jane Austen Novel – Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility
  • Getaway Vacation Spot – Cities with great architecture and majestic buildings
  • 2009 Film – Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
  • Skincare Brand – Eminence
  • Actors Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins
  • Moisturizer – Epicuren Colostrum
  • Flower – Peonies
  • Holiday – Halloween

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Jennifer Coolidge as seen in March 2012
Jennifer Coolidge as seen in March 2012 (Thibault / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Jennifer Coolidge Facts

  1. She is left-handed.
  2. Coolidge is a Democrat in her political stance.
  3. Her earliest professional aspiration as a child was to become a singer.
  4. When Jennifer was in 3rd grade, she found out that she was a distant cousin of 30th US President Calvin Coolidge (in office from 1923 to 1929) while preparing a class report on him. She is President Calvin Coolidge’s sixth cousin twice removed.
  5. After completing her education, Jennifer moved to New York City and became a member of the Gotham City Improv group. After a while, she relocated to Los Angeles and became a long-term member of the sketch comedy troupe, The Groundlings and worked alongside Will Ferrell, Kathy Griffin, and Lisa Kudrow. Entry to this group’s program is very competitive. It has a long waiting period and takes even longer to complete all the 5 levels of their program.
  6. Jennifer worked with The Groundlings for almost 9 years.
  7. In her youth, Coolidge became a massive Meryl Streep fan and struggled for many unsuccessful years to follow her footsteps and get a break as a serious, dramatic actress.
  8. She worked as a waitress in an NYC restaurant for 5 years, where Sandra Bullock worked as the hostess.
  9. Jennifer grew up thinking that performing in a band or stand-up comedy was exclusively for men. She did not even consider working in comedy until she was cast as a member of The Groundlings.
  10. For years Coolidge wanted a serious role, and she landed the part of Genevieve McDonagh after auditioning for it because the German director, Werner Herzog was not aware of her work in American Pie. One day when the actress took a cab in New York City, the driver scolded her for the same role in Bad Lieutenant (2009) because he liked her better in comedy and did not want her to do work that made him feel sad.
  11. Date Movie (2006) got negative reviews and low ratings by most critics, but Jennifer’s spoof of Barbra Streisand’s character in Meet the Fockers (2004) was considered spot-on.
  12. Her role as Jeanine Stifler in American Pie popularized the use of the acronym MILF. It is one of the most memorable roles for her because it offered the rare opportunity to play a desirable and glamorous woman and radically improved her dating prospects.
  13. Jennifer started performing stand-up comedy in 2009. The end of a relationship compelled her to put together some material on relationships as a form of therapy. She got the idea to take up stand-up comedy when she was asked to host an event on Women in Film at the Beverly Hills Hotel in front of an A-list crowd. Her performance was so well received that Coolidge ended up touring the world for 2 years as a stand-up performer and visited countries such as Scotland and Australia.
  14. She has a house in New Orleans that is over 150 years old. According to some people, the house is haunted.
  15. Her New Orleans house was used to film the interior scenes in The Beguiled (2017) starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning.
  16. Coolidge is allergic to glue, and while playing the evil stepmother in A Cinderella Story (2004), her fake fingernails had to be attached to her hand with tape.
  17. She was one of the main contenders for the role of Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives (2004–2012), a role that was eventually bagged by Felicity Huffman.
  18. Jennifer is a supporter of charities working for AIDS assistance and animal rights.
  19. She once dated 2 boys at the same time who knew each other while she was on a vacation. She told them that she had an identical twin.
  20. She has a dog named, Chuy who was saved from a meat factory in Korea.
  21. She drinks a lot of coffee. In December 2020, she revealed that she was having 12 shots of espresso a day.
  22. For a ponytail, she sometimes uses her underwear if she is not able to find a hair tie.
  23. Until December 2020, the best gift she had ever received was a trip to Africa where she slept in a tent on the Serengeti.
  24. If she weren’t an actress, she desired to be a billionaire and donate money to various deserving people and animals.
  25. While in second grade, she was asked to write about her mother on mother’s day. Her very first line was, “My mother has soft brown eyes like a cow”.
  26. If she has to live alone on an island, she would like to bring a tweezer, a magnifying mirror, and some espresso with her.
  27. At the age of 11, she once bought a case of beer using her neighbor’s wig.
  28. She loved films so much that she used to request teachers to let her substitute papers with movies.
  29. At the age of 10, she made the remake of Jaws. Her sister played the shark victim while her dad played the shark (with a fin on his back).
  30. In her first serious play, she played the role of a man. Hence, her family wasn’t able to recognize her.
  31. She knows how to play the clarinet. She played it during an orchestra camp for three straight summers.
  32. If a biopic is made on her life, she would want Jennifer Lawrence to play her in the movie.
  33. During the 2022 Emmy Awards, Jennifer won the award for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie” for her work in The White Lotus.
  34. In January 2023, Jennifer won the Golden Globe Award for “Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series” for her work in The White Lotus. For the same role, she won the 2023 Critics Choice Award for “Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series”.
  35. In February 2023, Jennifer won the Screen Actors Guild Award for “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series” for her role in The White Lotus.
  36. In March 2023, Jennifer was featured on the cover of W Magazine‘s “Volume 2: The Directors Issue” in a spread titled “Coolidge vs. Haute Squad 5: Attack on Neo Runway City – Jennifer Reborn”.
  37. During the 2023 GLAAD Media Awards, Jennifer was honored with the “Social Impact Award”.
  38. In May 2023, Jennifer won the “Comedic Genius Award” at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.
  39. In January 2024, Jennifer received the award for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards for her work in The White Lotus.

Featured Image by Thibault / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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