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Kate Upton Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kate Upton 2016 Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kate Upton has an enviable body and a perfect body confidence to go with it. She is a well-renowned model who recently became really serious about her fitness and the results she has achieved are great. Her trainer, Ben Bruno recently revealed her workout routine, diet plan, workout motivation and many other fitness tips which are helping Kate to look so stunning these days. Have a look at her fitness achievements and get inspired.

Kate Upton at 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Kate Upton at 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

The Beginning

The supermodel started getting serious towards her fitness goals eight months back. She and Ben Bruno have been working towards her fitness since then. They started off a bit lightly and her workout regime became more complicated with time.

Workout Routine

The celebrity trainer admits that Kate has been a total badass in the gym. She works out at least 60-minutes to two hours in the gym for 5 days in a week. The exercise routine usually involves strength based circuit training where she focuses on weights. The workout routine is not focused on traditional cardio.

Kate Upton post workout
Kate Upton post workout

The Program

The renowned trainer also shared that his training program is a bit unique because it includes progressive overload. This means that the workout load is increased over time so that a person builds gradually. The method helps a person to strive to be better by doing exercises with increased weights, more reps and switching to a harder exercise. He had tried all the three techniques with Upton and hence, they have gradually built up the fitness.

The Abilities

The result of the progressive overload method is that the stunner can now deadlift over 200 lbs., do bear crawls with 300 lbs and do sled pushes with 500 lbs. She is insanely strong, even stronger than some of the athletes trained by Bruno. (Woah..that’s cool!!)

Workout Motivation

The workout motivation of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (2011, 2012 and 2013) model comes from achieving new records. She also enjoys healthy competition with other people and recently competed with Chelsea Handler where they lifted weights. The American actress always pays attention to her performance rather than just going through the motions. She is constantly looking to improve her performance.

Kate Upton leaving a gym in Paris
Kate Upton leaving a gym in Paris

Workouts When Traveling

The subject of the 100th anniversary Vanity Fair cover also likes to workout when she is traveling as her trainer makes sure of the fact that she has everything she needs to continue her workout.

No Magic Involved

Some people may mistakenly think that Kate Upton is lucky to have gotten her looks. This is not true. She works her ass off in the gym and even enjoys pushing her limits while working out. The secret to her gorgeous looks is sweating in the gym. It’s not some magic that helps her, it’s her dedication to follow the training program, her dedication to hard work and her ability of being consistent.

Kate Upton at MET Gala 2016 wearing her engagement ring
Kate Upton at MET Gala 2016 wearing her engagement ring

Diet Plan

Apart from staying focused in the gym, the diva looks so great because she is very disciplined in her eating. Her diet plan consists of having a clean diet. She includes loads of lean protein in her diet. She also relies on fresh fruits and vegetables. Limiting sugars and processed foods in her diet plan has also helped her to look so great these days.

Favorite Healthy Foods

The favorite healthy meals of the future wife of baseball player Justin Verlander are a salad with chicken and turkey meatballs.

Diet Indulgence

Kate Upton eating a doughnut while working out
Kate Upton eating a doughnut while working out

The Michigan-born likes to enjoy a diet treat every once in awhile like normal people and her trainer is completely cool with it. He believes that it’s okay to indulge once in awhile if you get back to healthy eating every time you indulge. The favorite treat of The Other Woman (2014) actress is doughnuts. She has them sometimes but remembers to have them in moderation. Her trainer is good with it because he doesn’t want people to think that she is following a diet. It’s a lifestyle that anyone can follow.

The Results

The Tower Heist (2011) actress has got great results due to her commitment to working out daily and eating healthy meals. Her arms, legs, and abs are looking awesome. Her life has transformed for the better and she is stronger than before.

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  1. God or nature, whichever your persuasion, alone is responsible for that creature. No amount of exercise can give a woman that figure.

  2. How can you “skip proteins”? All food apart from pure sugar and oil contains protein. Unless you are living off one of these things, it is impossible to “skip proteins”.

    You also linked the dangerous Dukan diet on the word proteins.

    Finally, the blood-type diet is bullsh!t. Most animals have different blood types within the species, yet they all eat the same as the other members of their species.


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