Rebel Wilson Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics


Born Name

Melanie Elizabeth Bownds

Nick Name

Rebel Wilson, Rebelicious, Lil’ Reb

Rebel Wilson

Sun Sign


Born Place

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia




Wilson went to Tara Anglican School for Girls in North Parramatta. Later, she took admission at the University of New South Wales to study Law and Arts (Theatre and Performance Studies).

She studied acting at Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) in Sydney, Australia.


Actress, comedian, entrepreneur, writer


  • Siblings – Liberty Wilson (Sister), Ryot Wilson (Brother), Annachi Wilson (Sister)

Rebel’s parents were professional dog handlers.

Liberty and Ryot have also appeared on the reality game show The Amazing Race Australia in 2011.


She is signed to Creative Representation.

Rebel Wilson fat




5 ft 3 in or 160 cm


116 kg or 256 pounds

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color


Rebel Wilson in swimsuit or bikini

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Fuller figure
  • Usually, plays characters with a sarcastic sense of humor


Her body measurements may be 44-43-49 in or 112-109-124½ cm.

Dress Size

24 (US)

Shoe Size

8 (US) or 38.5 (EU) or 5.5 (UK)

Brand Endorsements

She is a former Jenny Craig spokeswoman in Australia.

She also voiced the role of kangaroo in the DISH commercial.



Best Known For

Playing Fat Amy in the 2012 musical romantic comedy film Pitch Perfect.

First Film

In 2003, she appeared in the Australian film Fat Pizza for her role as Toula.

First TV Show

From 2003 to 2007, Wilson appeared in the SBS’s TV series Pizza for her role as Toula. She was a part of the recurring cast from season 3 to season 5.

Personal Trainer

Rebel is continually trying to shed off pounds from her body. She lost 33 pounds of body weight in 2012 as per DailyMail.

Rebel Wilson costume

Rebel Wilson Favorite Things

  • Food – Ice Cream couple with honeycomb and cookie dough
  • School Subject – Mathematics


Rebel Wilson Facts

  1. She is a distant relative of Walt Disney.
  2. Being a stand-up comedian, her biggest comedic influences are Jennifer Saunders and Tina Fey.
  3. Rebel’s parents named her after a girl, who sang at their wedding.
  4. She was born in Sydney and raised in the suburbs of Castle Hill, Kenthurst, and Parramatta.
  5. While in high school, she used to use her middle name, so as to avoid teasing.
  6. She was excellent in studies and used to get good grades.
  7. Rebel was formerly a “Rotary International Youth Ambassador” for Australia.
  8. Wilson lives with her Bridesmaids co-star Matt Lucas in an apartment.
  9. She has her own clothing line called “Fat Mandi”. It is especially for fat people and represents foods on clothes.
  10. She wants to own a theme park. She knows the system to maximize the number of rides, one hits a day.
  11. Her biggest weakness is sugar. She likes dessert and exercise too.
  12. She relaxes by taking a bubble bath and listening to rap music.
  13. She can become a barrister in the future, after enjoying her life as an actress because she holds a degree in law (see her “Education” above).
  14. As per Variety, she is one of the “Top Ten Comics to Watch in 2011”.
  15. Hear more from Rebel from Twitter and Instagram.

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    • you should read the stats on this page before you go posting anything. Rebel Wilson is awesome in her own way. Let’s not focus on her weight. let’s focus on her awesomeness.

  1. Rebel Wilson looks really good to me. it doesn’t matter how much she weights. I still think rebel Wilson look very pretty I absolutely loved her character in Pitch perfect.

  2. I believe she’s getting work now because she’s not in competition with the skinny blondes however, if she loses the weight her opportunities will be lost too just like Jennifer Hudson.

  3. Those measurements have to be completely off…I am around 240 pounds and my measurements are 48-40-50 and my sister who weighs around 130 , her measurements are 38-30-40, so? Her measurements as 39-43-38 seems a bit unrealistic to me? And also her dress size?? That is, if they have her weight accurate on here.

    • I love Rebel but I agree with this person – the measurements / weight ratio seems to be wayyyyyyyy off.

      I’m 5’4 38-35-45, weigh 198 lbs and am a size 14 but mostly 16 (US)
      I’ve lost weight. I was 223 lbs, 40-38-52 and about a size 20/22

      Please ensure you get the measurements right. It’s just proper fact checking.

  4. 5’3 291 pounds, really? I’ve seen some exaggerations in my time but this is something else. I am 5’8 and 286 pounds and I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bigger than her. I suggest you change the weight. I reckon she’s something around 235 pounds MAX.

    • No, she’s no where near 5’3 and 235 lbs. She’s way bigger than me and I’m also 5’3, but I’m 249. I think they got the weight right but the size is WAY off

  5. I think the bra measurements might be off or maybe not. But I find odd that she is 36 band when the other measurements say it’s a 39. I’d say she’s maybe a 38….I am too

  6. I’m really glad Rebel is honest about her weight, so many women aren’t. Her size in the US is wrong though. There’s no way a woman who weighs 291 lbs wears a size 20.. more like a 28. Hopefully she can lose enough weight so her health isn’t in danger anymore. Just a 100 lbs would help her even though she wouldn’t be even remotely thin

  7. You cannot estimate weight and measurements based on pictures. There are countless other factors including body composition and body frame to factor in. We compare ourselves a lot which is unfair to everyone.

  8. Poor Rebel as long as she’s happy, funny and carries on being brilliant who gives a monkes what size she is. As long as her health is checked out let her be.

    • I’m glad she doesn’t as she is acting as herself. Besides they like the fact that she is Australian just like Olivia Newton John played herself as an Australian in Grease!


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