Rob Lowe Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Rob Lowe Quick Info
Height 5 ft 11 in
Weight 78 kg
Date of Birth March 17, 1964
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Spouse Sheryl Berkoff

Born Name

Robert Hepler Lowe

Nick Name


Rob Lowe at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival
Rob Lowe at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival (David Shankbone / Wikimedia / CC BY 3.0)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States


Montecito, California, United States




Rob studied at the Oakwood Junior High School in Dayton, Ohio. When he moved to Malibu, California with his mother and brother, he attended the Santa Monica High School.




  • Father – Charles Davis Lowe (Trial Lawyer)
  • Mother – Barbara Lynn (née Hepler) (Died in 2003 from breast cancer) (School Teacher)
  • Siblings – Chad Lowe (Younger Brother) (Actor, Director & Producer), Micah Dyer (Younger Half-Brother) (Actor & Producer), Justin W. Lowe (Younger Half-Brother) (Cinematographer & Writer)
  • Others – Kim Painter (Sister-in-law) (Wife of Chad Lowe) (Casting Director & Producer)


Rob is represented by the New York-based Henry Holt and Company Inc.




5 ft 11 in or 180.5 cm


78 kg or 172 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Rob Lowe has dated –

  1. Melissa Gilbert (1981-1987) – American actress Melissa Gilbert was 17 years old when she first met Rob in 1981. The two instantly fell in love but both of them admitted to having discretions in their relationship. Melissa slept with his best-friend John Cusack upon learning of his affair with Nastassja Kinski in 1983. However, they stayed together and Lowe proposed to her in 1986. Gilbert was pregnant with his child but suffered a miscarriage and it brought an end to their relationship.
  2. Nastassja Kinski (1983) – German actress and former supermodel, Nastassja Kinski began an affair with Lowe while filming The Hotel New Hampshire. He was dating Melissa at the time and was even caught red-handed in Kinski’s hotel room by Melissa.
  3. Jodie Foster (1984) – Rob and actress Jodie Foster were rumored to have hooked up in the 1980s.
  4. Princess Stéphanie of Monaco (1986) – Rob met Princess Stéphanie of Monaco while promoting his film About Last Night in France in 1986. They subsequently met through one of Rob’s friends, Glenn Souham.
  5. Winona Ryder (1986-1988) – The two actors met on the set of Square Dance when Winona was 13 years old and Rob was 21.
  6. Tara Siebert (1986-1988) – Tara was 22-years old and working as a receptionist when she met Rob in a nightclub in 1986.
  7. Marlee Matlin (1987-1988) – Oscar-winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin is also one among the many ladies who has dated Rob Lowe in the past. They dated for about a year in 1987 and broke up in 1988.
  8. Jan Parsons (1988) – Jan met Lowe in Georgia in 1988 and had a one-night stand with him. She told Lowe that she was 21 and the two slept together in his hotel room. There was a tape recording of the incident which was sold in the black market. Parson’s mother filed charges against Rob for pursuing his daughter.
  9. Janice Dickinson (1988) – Supermodel Janice Dickinson has claimed that she had engaged in a threesome with Robe and one of his friends in the ’80s.
  10. Fawn Hall (1988) – Fawn was a secretary to Lt. Colonel Oliver North and the two dated for a while in 1988.
  11. Laura Dunlop (1989-1990) – Dancer Laura Dunlop and Rob Lowe were pictured attending Janet Jackson’s party to celebrate the album Rhythm Nation.
  12. Tracy Richman (1990) – American TV personality Tracy Richman and Rob were linked together in 1990 and have since broken up.
  13. Cornelia Guest – Another name to be associated with Rob Lowe is Cornelia Guest.
  14. Marisa Morris – Rob was also linked with Marisa Morris in the past.
  15. Sheryl Berkoff (1991-Present) – Rob met makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff for the first time on a blind date in 1983. They met for the second time while he was shooting for Bad Influence in 1989. The couple got married in 1991 and have two sons – Edward Matthew Lowe (b. 1993) and John Owen Lowe (b. 1995). They stay in Montecito in California.
Rob Lowe with wife Sheryl Berkoff as seen in 2003
Rob Lowe with wife Sheryl Berkoff as seen in 2003 (United States Navy / / Public Domain)

Race / Ethnicity


He has German, Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh ancestry.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Blue eyes
  • Has a tattoo on his left shoulder

Brand Endorsements

Rob has done endorsement work for the following brands –

  • Skechers Footwear (2001 & 2017)
  • Mazda Cars (Voice-over)
  • California Travel & Tourism Board (2007)
  • NFL (2013)
  • Shark Week for Discovery Channel (2014)
  • DirecTV (2014)
  • Horatio Alger Association (2015)
  • CBS (Commercial For Blood Cancer) (2016)
  • KFC (2017)
  • Atkins Diet Snack Bars (2018)


Rob had a Catholic upbringing but since his marriage, he has deviated towards his wife’s faith which is Reform Judaism.

Rob Lowe and Alan Light at the Governor's Ball party after the 1989 Academy Awards
Rob Lowe (Left) and Alan Light at the Governor’s Ball party after the 1989 Academy Awards (Alan Light / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Best Known For

  • Having a long and illustrious career in film and television, some of which include the political drama The West Wing (1999-2003), NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation (2010-2014), and films like Square Dance (1987).
  • Receiving an Emmy nomination and being a 6-time Golden Globe nominee.

First Film

He made his theatrical film debut in 1983 as Sodapop Curtis in Francis Ford Coppola’s coming-of-age drama The Outsiders.

First TV Show

Rob made his first TV show appearance on September 2, 1979, as a celebrity contestant in the “All-Star Junior Pyramid” episode of the game show The $10,000 Pyramid.

Personal Trainer

Putting his wild booze-induced days behind him, Rob has managed to look decades younger owing to his clean and healthy lifestyle. He admits to being an adrenaline junkie and partakes in sports like skiing, golfing, surfing, etc. He makes time for his CrossFit-style weight training classes. He also emphasizes on the importance of sleep to help recharge one’s body and mind.

He maintains healthy eating habits but also encourages cheat days which, for him, inevitably includes pizza. For a routine day, his breakfast includes eggs, Greek yogurt, and Granola to give him the energy to kick start the day. Also, he intakes copious amounts of coffee to keep up with his hectic schedule.

Rob Lowe Favorite Things

  • ActorDaniel Day-Lewis
  • Smell – Sea Air
  • Fancy Dress Costume – Eyes Wide Shut masks
  • Films – Goodfellas (1990), Network (1976), The Natural (1984), Caddyshack (1980), The Godfather (1972), Apocalypse Now (1979), Jaws (1975)

Source – Twitter, The Guardian

Rob Lowe clicked before All New Dodge Challenger in 2009
Rob Lowe clicked before the All-New Dodge Challenger in 2009 (Dodge Challenger1 / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Rob Lowe Facts

  1. Rob was offered the role of Dr. Derek Shepherd on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, but he turned it down. The role was eventually played by Patrick Dempsey.
  2. He dreamt of becoming a marine biologist while growing up.
  3. In 2017, Lowe appeared in the A&E reality series The Lowe Files with his two sons Matthew and John Owen. The three Lowe men often took road trips and investigated urban legends like Bigfoot/Sasquatch, alien abduction, ghosts, among others.
  4. In May 2011, he published his memoir titled “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”. In April 2014, he released his second book called “Love Life”.
  5. He received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in December 2015. His star is located at 6667 Hollywood Boulevard in front of Musso and Frank.
  6. Rob launched a line of men’s skincare products in 2015 called Profile. The line includes 5 anti-aging products like a cleanser, shaving gel, aftershave serum, moisturizer, and an eye serum. The products are sold at Nordstrom and can be found online as well.
  7. In 2016, he launched a fragrance called 18 Amber Wood under the Profile brand.
  8. In August 2016, he was roasted on Comedy Central with David Spade serving as the Roast Master and Jeff Ross as Roast Master General. Among his roasters were names like Jewel, Ralph Macchio, Peyton Manning, Nikki Glaser, Pete Davidson, Jimmy Carr, Ann Coulter, and Rob Riggle.
  9. In 1988, 24-year-old Rob was involved in a s*x tape wherein he was seen having s*x with a 16-year-old girl. The incident took place in Georgia, the night before the Democratic National Convention. The legal age of consent in Georgia was 14 (at the time), which was increased to 16 (in 1995). As per the law, both the parties were legal to engage in the s*xual activity but the legal age for such recording was 18 years. As a result, he ended up doing 20 hours of community service in Dayton.
  10. As a part of the same s*x tape, he was found, along with his friend Justin Moritt, engaging in oral s*x and intercourse with a young American model named Jennifer, who was never identified.
  11. His s*x tape was one of the first celebrity s*x tapes to be commercially available at the time. Rob even joked about his behavior on two occasions when he appeared as the host of Saturday Night Live.
  12. His public image was tarnished owing to this scandal, so Rob checked himself into rehab for his drug and alcohol issues and returned sober to restart his career again in the 1990s. In January 2021, he revealed that he was sober for more than 30 years of his life.
  13. In April 2008, Lowe was involved in a legal battle with 3 of his former nannies over charges of breach of contract, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and defamation.
  14. His former nanny, Jessica Gibson made charges of s*xual harassment and labor-code violation against him. Due to the lack of legal basis, the labor-code violations were dismissed. It was reported that both the parties sought dismissal in May 2009.
  15. Since he lost his great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother to breast cancer, Rob became the first male spokesperson at the 2000 Lee National Denim Day fundraiser to raise funds for breast cancer research and education.
  16. He was a member of the original Brat Pack in the ’80s which included names like Emilio Esteves, Sean Penn, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Charlie Sheen, Demi Moore, Anthony Michael Hall, Andrew McCarthy, and Judd Nelson. The pack involved 9+ actors and actresses who were known to be young, reckless, and powerful at the time.
  17. Rob was voted in the People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World on the 16th spot in 2000.
  18. As an infant, he contracted a virus that rendered him deaf in the right ear.
  19. He admitted to USA Today in 2011 that his hair turned completely grey at the age of 24 and hence, he has been dyeing his hair regularly.

Featured Image by Dodge Challenger1 / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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