Ross Lynch Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics


Born Name

Ross Shor Lynch

Nick Name

Rossome, Rossy Baby, Jersey Shor

Ross Lynch

Sun Sign


Born Place

Littleton, Colorado, U.S.





Ross attended school only until third grade. From fourth grade onwards, Ross was homeschooled.


Actor, singer, instrumentalist



He is represented by these agencies –

  • Nils Larsen, Principato Young Entertainment, New York
  • United Talent Agency
  • Attorney Fred Toczek of Felker Toczek
  • Stella Alex at the Savage Agency


Pop rock, power pop, pop


Vocals, bass, drums, guitar, piano, ukulele


Hollywood Records




6 ft or 183 cm


77 kg or 170 pounds

Girlfriend / Spouse

Ross Lynch dated –

  1. Maia Mitchell – Ross was RUMORed to be dating Australian actress Maia Mitchell in the past.
  2. Laura Marano (2012) – Actress Laura and Ross first met on the set of Austin & Ally in 2012. Raura (Laura and Ross), as they are collectively called, were RUMORed to have had a fling in 2012. They told the media that they fight like a married couple.
  3. Vanessa Marano (2012) – He and actress Vanessa were also RUMORed to be dating in 2012.
  4. Morgan Larson (2012-2014) – From 2012 to 2014, actress Morgan Larson and Ross were RUMORed to be dating each other.
  5. Courtney Eaton (2015-2017) – Australian actress and model, Courtney Eaton and Ross started dating in the summer of 2015. Mollee Gray opened about him in June 2015 to In September 2015, Ross himself confirmed his girlfriend. In November 2017, the duo separated.

Ross Lynch sitting on the couch or sofa.

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Blonde (Natural)

He prefers to dye his hair to darker shades such as ‘Black’ and ‘Blonde’.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

Thin body frame

Ross Lynch body shirtless

Shoe Size

His shoe size is speculated to be 9 (US).

Brand Endorsements

He had appeared in a television commercial of Dannon’s Danimals Crunchers with Bella Thorne.



Best Known For

Playing a co-lead role as Austin Moon in the Disney Channel Original television series Austin & Ally since 2011.

First Album

Ross was the main vocalist of the band R5 and released a debut album Louder on September 24, 2013, by Hollywood Records. The album peaked at #24 on the Billboard 200. The album gathered mostly positive reviews.

First Film

Ross appeared as Aaron in the 2010 short comedy film Grapple!

It was a 13-minute long comedy film.

First TV Show

Ross guest-starred in the very first episode of the first season of the sports television series Moises Rules! for his role as Ross “The Boss”.

Personal Trainer

Until late 2013, Ross claimed that he had never gone to the gym.

Ross Lynch Favorite Things

  • Color – Yellow
  • Instrument – Guitar
  • Animal – Siberian Tiger
  • Candy – Cadbury Easter eggs
  • Movies – Romeo and Juliet (1968)
  • Number – 32 (It is because it was his first hockey number and by adding the digits 2 and 3, we get his band member number)

Source –

Ross Lynch R5

Ross Lynch Facts

  1. He was a member of the band R5, where he played rhythm guitar and was the main vocalist. The band R5 was a 5-member band with members including him, his 2 older brothers and a sister, and Ross’s best family friend Ellington Ratliff.
  2. Ross also knows mandolin and violin too.
  3. The very famous Derek and Julianne Hough are his cousins.
  4. He relocated with his family from Colorado to Los Angeles, California in USA in 2007 so that his oldest brother Riker can pursue his dream career in the field of the entertainment industry.
  5. Art and English are his favorite school subjects.
  6. In March 2018, R5 disbanded and a new band was formed titled The Driver Era consisting of him and Rocky Lynch.

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  1. I know all of that. I am pretty sure he didn’t date Maia Mitchell as she already has a boyfriend called Ramy Yourself. They haven’t broken up once. That is just my opinion. Thanks!

  2. He dated Maia Mitchell. I googled and it said yes, they are dating. And im also surprised that he weighs 152 pounds… Im 12 and I weigh 60 pounds

  3. sorry guys but I don’t kinda in the girlfriend part cause you know they like some privacy but i notice that ross has a crush on laura while they shot the season one of austin and ally but when ross saw maia his love for laura change so dont hate maia because it is not her fault to ross fall in love with him if you want ros to be happy lets support him for doing a right good choice because look if we push Ross for doing a choice he doesn’t like ,like making a choice who he wants to be with laura or maia if he picked maia i know raura shipper will be sad and some people created a basher for ross so many like he want to pick laura even he dont want just to save hhis career but what happen laura will be hurt because she relly know that ross doesn’t love ross just see her as a freind what happend we hurt laura and ross were there fan we are there inspiration thats why lets support know matter what happen to them but for good thing how about you switch places our idol is our fan we are our idols we feel tha is so hard so lets think first thats why god put our brain in the top so we always know that we have to think first but im a raura fan im doing this because i dont want feud

  4. I’m a huge fan of Ross lynch he is very talented. My opinion of all this is that no matter what people see on the Internet Ross Lynch is who he is and all the rumors about that May or may not be true can only be known true by Ross Lynch. After all it is his life and he will always know what truly goes on.(P.S. I think Ross Lynch is like totally, like insanely hot; not to be a huge crazy.)

  5. Omg, Ross Lynch is my idol, He’s my 2015 soulmate, That’s what it says in tigerbeat and beacuse I follow him on twitter, instagram and facebook, I love him and his pictures, He’s so hot Omg, I would like to meet him, But unfortunately I’m in Kuwait….

  6. Hey am ainsley mitchell..Ross I really like you ..You are so cute ..But I want you too take maia as your girlfriend ..

  7. I highly doubt he only weighs 165 pounds because usually guys weigh more than that. Also, his eye color is not dark brown, it is hazel as you can see in the picture of him above!!! You literally can see the green clearly in the brown.

  8. I love you Ross I am Rolf I am eleven by the way and I play guitar, piano, keyboard, and drums. You are my inspiration and thank you.

    I love you


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