Harry Styles Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Born Name

Harry Edward Styles

Nick Name

Hazza, Haz, Curly, Harold

harry styles

Sun Sign


Born Place

He was born in Evesham, Worcestershire, England, UK.

But, raised in the village of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire in England.




Styles attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.


Singer, songwriter


  • Father – Des Styles
  • Mother – Anne Cox
  • Siblings – Gemma Styles (Older Sister)
  • Others – Robin Twist (Step-Father), Mike (Step-Brother)


Modest Management




Vocals, guitar


Syco Music, Columbia Records




5 ft 9.5 in or 176.5 cm


74 kg or 163 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Harry Styles dated –

  1. Caroline Flack (2011-2012) – The British TV personality first met Harry in May 2011 during The X Factor show. Though their relationship was called as fake by the people because rumors about Harry’s real sexuality appeared. She is fifteen years older than him. The couple separated in January 2012.
  2. Emma Ostilly (2012) – In April 2012, American model Emma Ostilly was seen kissing Harry in Auckland, New Zealand after the date night. They had first met during the filming of One Direction’s music video of Gotta Be You. Harry has rejected all the dating news with Emma. Hence, it turned out to be a rumor.
  3. Emily Atack (2012) – Actress Emily Atack was dating Harry in 2012 which she revealed in 2014.
  4. Cara Delevingne (2012) – One Direction’s Harry Styles was RUMORed to be dating the English model when he was seen outside a club with Cara.
  5. Lily Halpern (2012) – American actress, Lily Halpern was RUMORed to be dating Styles as the two of them hung out together multiple times. Lily had stated that she would like to date Harry seriously but Harry did not respond to the invitation.
  6. Caggie Dunlop (2012) – Harry was RUMORed to be dating Caggie from July to September 2012.
  7. Taylor Swift (2012-2013) – American singer, Taylor Swift was again called as “beard” for Harry Styles. The relationship went from November 2012 to January 2013.
  8. Kimberly Stewart (2013) – RUMOR
  9. Kara Rose Marshall (2013) – She is a fashion model from Hull. They were pictured together shopping at an Apple store. Neither of the party has confirmed about the relationship.
  10. Nicole Scherzinger (2013) – In 2013, when Nicole was a judge on The X Factor, Harry had hooked up with her. He was 19 back then. There’s a 16-year age gap between the two.
  11. Daisy Lowe (2013) – RUMOR
  12. Kendall Jenner (2013-2014; 2015-2016) – They were spotted together going for a dinner date in West Hollywood on November 20, 2013. Their dating relationship was still a RUMOR at that time. They split in February 2014. In November 2015, they were again spotted together. The couple spent their time together on December 31, 2015, at St. Barts on a private yacht. In February 2016, they split again.
  13. Erin Foster (2014-2015) – American comedy writer and actress, Erin Foster and Harry Styles were found shopping for Halloween pumpkins in Los Angeles on October 9, 2014. They were RUMOred to be dating each other. She is 12 years his senior. They split by May 2015.
  14. Nadine Leopold (2014-2015) – In November 2014, Harry started dating the Austrian model, Nadine Leopold. They remained an item for some time and had separated by March 2015.
  15. Sara Sampaio (2015) – From June 2015 to August 2015, he was RUMORed to be dating the Portuguese model, Sara Sampaio.
  16. Georgia Fowler (2015) – In October 2015, he had a fling with New Zealand model Georgia Fowler when they were seen playing the board game called Scrabble together.
  17. Pandora Lennard (2016) – As per The Sun, the fashion stylist Pandora Lennard and Harry were romantically linked to each other in January 2016. She was seen arriving at Harry’s house on January 23 and they spent the night together. She left his place the next day on January 24, 2016. During that time, he was also dating Kendall Jenner.
  18. Townes Adair Jones – Harry met Townes Jones in the early 2010s through a mutual friend on a blind date. Townes was a French and philosophy major, studying in the college, at that time. Later, Harry wrote a song “Carolina” about his encounter with Townes.
  19. Tess Ward (2017) – In May 2017, Harry started dating London based chef and food blogger, Tess Ward. But, as soon as the fans got to know about their relationship, it fizzled out. By June 2017, they had broken up.
  20. Camille Rowe (2017-2018) – In July 2017, Harry was romantically linked with the French-American model, Camille Rowe. After dating for a year, the couple called it quits in July 2018.
  21. Kiko Mizuhara (2019-Present) – In early 2019, dating rumors between Harry and Japanese-American model, Kiko Mizuhara started surfacing. It is still a rumor.
Harry Styles and Taylor Swift
Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Many people believe that Harry is ‘Bisexual.’ Well, he has rejected all such comments.

Distinctive Features

  • Long brown curly hair
  • Green Eyes
  • Tattoos
  • Dimples on his cheeks

Shoe Size

His shoe size is 10. But, he likes to wear shoes of size 11 or 11½.

Brand Endorsements

Harry has been seen in commercials for Pepsi, and a perfume company.

harry styles buffed body


His father is believed to be Jewish and his mother is Roman Catholic.

But, he opted for his mother’s religion.

But, in June 2014, he seemed to have changed his religion. Harry was seen wearing red Kabbalah bracelet on his left wrist. Kabbalah is followed by many other famous celebs such as Demi Moore, Madonna, and Mick Jagger.

Due to his new religion, he was also imposed a six-month s*x ban to purify himself.

Best Known For

Being one of the members of the English-Irish pop boy band One Direction. The other members of the band are Niall James HoranZain Javadd “Zayn” Malik (Left the band in 2015), Liam James Payne, and Louis William Tomlinson.

First Album

One Direction released its first album Up All Night in November 2011 under Syco and Columbia Records. The album consists of 13 singles with a total length of 45:12 minutes. A total of 4.5 million copies of the album were sold.

First Film

The boy band One Direction appeared in the British American 3-D concert film One Direction: This Is Us (also known as 1D3D). The movie released on August 29, 2013 in the United Kingdom.

First TV Show

His debut television appearance was on The X Factor in 2010. Since that time, he has guest appeared in many TV series.

Harry Styles singing

Personal Trainer

Harry Style is building his body to cope with the grueling music schedules of One Direction. Harry is serious about his workouts. He meets with the personal trainer two times daily. He even wakes up at 2 a.m. to buff his body and does the workout. He is taking ice baths to bulk up.

He also receives mixed martial arts training from trainers Jimmy Wallhead and Mark Jarvis.

Harry has even bulked up his arms.

All this is decided by their management as the boys spend most of their time in traveling and so there is a chance that they play video games and eat junk food while on a tour and become fatty.

Harry Styles Favorite Things

  • Food – Sweetcorn, tacos
  • Color – Orange, Blue
  • TV Show – Family Guy (1999-)
  • Movies – Love Actually (2003), Titanic (1997), The Notebook (2004)
  • Animal – Turtle
  • Drink – Apple Juice
  • Album – 21 by Adele
  • Computer Game – FIFA
  • Love Song – Lady In Red (By Chris de Burgh)

SourcePlanet Radio

Harry Styles Facts

  1. He has a pet hamster, and a cat named Dusty.
  2. He became popular as a member of the band One Direction.
  3. The Beatles’ music had an impact on Harry’s music style as he listened to them while growing up.
  4. His parents divorced when he was seven.
  5. It was Harry who came up with the name “One Direction”.
  6. When Harry was 16, he did a part-time job at W. Mandeville Bakery in Holmes Chapel.
  7. Previously, Harry had also served as the lead singer for the band White Eskimo. The other members were lead guitarist Haydn Morris, bass guitarist Nick Clough and drummer Will Sweeny.
  8. His musical influences include Elvis Presley, Foster the People, Coldplay and Kings of Leon.
  9. Harry is good friends with Ed Sheeran.
  10. Politically, Harry supports the Labour Party.
  11. When he watches Coldplay’s frontman, Chris Martin, it gives Styles an inspiration to perform on the stage.
  12. He can juggle.
  13. Styles often talk while sleeping, which is called as sleep-talking.
  14. Harry does not like olives and beetroot.
  15. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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  2. Harry is now 6′ and they have 2 new albums. Take me home and midnight memories is about to release. They’ve been in their own movie ‘this is us’ and advert their own product ‘our moment’ fragrance. his shoe size is 10.5 or 11 he did NOT date cara lily caggie Kimberley or Kara. I’d appriciate it if you would fix those facts please

    • dude no theyre gay and theyre dating how about you get youd facts straight. friends dont get that many corresponding tattoos with the meanings that their tattoos have. friends dont look at each other that way. maybe theyre not dating, but they’re in love. ♥shipping larry since the start♥

      • don’t be such a busy body anon. it’s better for u to take care n think about urself. have u been perfect yet? Harry in love with me not with Louis. n it shouldn’t be Larry, but Serry instead 😉

        • Excuse you but dude they’re not gay,Oh and by the way i love all the boys. They are just perfect. I know there is no such thing as perfect but you get what i mean. Meowwwwww?????????????????????????☺????

    • I can believe whatever I want. Just like you can believe that ‘Elounor’ is real. LARRY is real. And if you can’t believe it, then might need to get your eyes checked

    • Larry is real. they always have been. they never came out because of their management. Larry is REAL. ill believe whatever I want to believe and if you think Larry isn’t real then… think what you want to, Larry is always gonna be real in my eyes. LARRY FOREVA

    • I understand you might be an Elounor shipper, or a Haylor shipper or something, but look at the way they look at each other. The way Louis legitimately smiles with his eyes when they’re together. I will forever be a Larry shipper, no matter what haters say. Been nice ranting to you.

  3. Hep! 😉 Harry’s father is really Jewish? 🙁 But he still believes in God right. He must cause I saw him wear a God neck less, I think it was on 1D day or some picture or even an interview. Idk. But I also heard him say “Thank God” So that’s reassuring! 😉 Hep

  4. huh? let Harry and Louis be. Its honestly offensive (might i add annoying) to say they were together when they have denied it so many times. Louis even tweeted about how irritating they find these rumors. He even has a girlfriend and I can only imagine what must be going through them reading such crazy a** rumors half them time. And also, now that the band is bigger than what they were when this article was written, its better to update this one.

  5. omfg larry shippers get out of here. larry is f*ckin fake, so leave harry and louis alone. hendall s*cks but elounor is real, accept that love. y’ll kno louis hates those gay rumours because theyre f*cking fake


      • Okay, even if you don’t ship Larry, you can AT LEAST respect other people’s sexuality.
        I’m not saying Harry (Or Louis) is gay, or straigh or bi, etc etc.
        But both of them are allies and thinks people should be treated equally, regardless of sexuality.
        I, myself, identify as pansexual (Cut out the joke, no I’m not attracted to pans) and I love that Harry may have that in common with me, or that he at least supports me.


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