Miley Cyrus Height Weight Body Statistics


Born Name

Destiny Hope Cyrus (Her full name is Miley Ray Cyrus)

Nick Name

Smiley Miley, Miley Ray

Miley Cyrus 2013

Sun Sign


Born Place

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.


Los Angeles, California, U.S.




Miley Cyrus attended Heritage Elementary School, Tennessee, USA till 2000 and started acting in 2001. She acted in “Doc.”


  • Father – Billy Ray Cyrus (Country Singer)
  • Mother – Tish Cyrus (née Finley)
  • Siblings – Trace Cyrus (Maternal Older Half-Brother) (Vocalist), Noah Cyrus (Younger Sister) (Singer, Actress), Brandi Glenn Cyrus (Maternal Older Half-Sister) (Actress), Christopher Cody Cyrus (Older Paternal Half-Brother), Braison Cyrus (Younger Brother) (Actor)
  • Others – Ronald Ray Cyrus (Paternal Grandfather) (Politician), Ruth Ann Casto (Paternal Grandmother)


Miley is signed to these talent agencies –

  • ReignDeer Entertainment
  • Creative Artists Agency
  • Celebrity Talent International


Pop, country, rock, hip hop, dance


Vocals, guitar, piano


Walt Disney, Hollywood, RCA


Singer-songwriter, actress


5 ft 5 in or 165 cm

Miley Cyrus 2013 Elton John Aids Foundation


48 kg or 106 pounds

Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Spouse

Miley Cyrus dated –

  1. Lucas Till (2009) – Miley had a short-lived affair with actor Lucas Till in 2009. It was alleged that they had grown closer while working opposite one another in the movie Hannah Montana: The Movie.
  2. Liam Hemsworth (2009-2013; 2016-2019) – Miley and Liam dated from June 2009 until September 2013. They ended their relationship in August 2010. But, they reconciled later. She announced her engagement with Liam in June 2012. Her engagement ring was a 3.5-carat handmade cushion-cut diamond, designed by Neil Lane and it was priced around $ 250,000. They finally separated in September 2013 as it was revealed that Liam cheated on Miley when he was seen with January Jones. In January 2016, the duo reportedly started dating again and allegedly got engaged for the second time. They were rumored to have got married in December 2016. They tied the knot on December 23, 2018, in Franklin, Tennessee. They separated in 2019 after remaining as a married couple for less than a year.
  3. Avan Jogia (2010) – After ending the relationship with Liam in August 2010, she hooked up with Avan for a month or so around October-November 2010. Their relationship was a RUMOR.
  4. Kellan Lutz (December 2013) – They were spotted together multiple times (first on December 17 and then on December 27) in December 2013 during parties and were RUMORed to be dating in December 2013.
  5. Jared Leto (2014) – RUMOR
  6. Douglas Booth (2014) – Miley first met English actor Douglas Booth at the set of 2012 film LOL but started dating him on August 11, 2014. The couple separated in September 2014. It is a RUMOR.
  7. Patrick Schwarzenegger (2014-2015) – From October 2014 to April 2015, actor Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley were an item.
  8. Stella Maxwell (2015) – In the summers of 2015, she was RUMORed to be dating Irish model Stella Maxwell.
  9. Kaitlynn Carter (2019) – Miley Cyrus was romantically involved with her long-time best friend Kaitlynn Carter, for a very short period though. They were seen cozying into each other’s arm in Italy. Miley started seeing her immediately after Liam filed the divorce, however, they split up after being together for around 6 weeks. They dated somewhere from August, beginning 1st week till mid-September. They still are good friends and are seen promoting each other on Instagram.
  10. Cody Simpson (2019) – Aussie singer, Cody Simpson was found kissing Miley Cyrus in a grocery shop in Los Angeles. Cody is an old friend of Miley and news of their friendship turning romantic came almost after two weeks after her split with girlfriend Kaitlynn, somewhere end of September. However, according to some sources, Miley is not looking for a relationship and she is seen more often with Cody as she finds comfort in him.

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Dark Brown (Natural)

She prefers to dye her hair in ‘Blonde’.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Bold personality
  • Twerking
  • Often sticks her tongue out during photographs


34-24-33 in or 86-61-84 cm


Christianity (She was baptized in a Southern Baptist Church in 2005)

Brand Endorsements

Miley has appeared in television commercials on Danimals, Banquet Homestyle Bakes, and others.

Best Known For

2006 TV Show Hannah Montana for her role as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana. 99 episodes were telecasted on Disney Channel.

First Album

“Meet Miley Cyrus” released on June 26, 2007

First Film

2003 film Big Fish for her role as Young Ruthie – Age 8. Her first film was credited to her birth name, Destiny Cyrus. Though, she didn’t get a lead role in Big Fish.

Personal Trainer

Mari Winsor (Pilates Instructor). See her workout routine and diet plan.

Miley Cyrus Favorite Things

  • Favorite Food – Peach Rings, Gummy Worms, Sour Food with most sugar possible
  • Favorite TV Programs – S*x and the City (1998-2004), Bad S*x (2011)
  • Favorite Accessories – Bracelet, Heart-shaped necklace
  • Favorite Colors – Lime Green and Purple
  • Favorite Books – Don’t Die, My Love (Lurlene McDaniel), Girl Talk With God (Susie Shellenberger)
  • Favorite Songs – Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus in 2007), Over And Over (The Fabs in 2008), So Yesterday (Hilary Duff in 2007), With You (Chris Brown in 2008)
  • Favorite Bands – Radiohead, The Killers, The Strokes
  • Favorite Movies – High School Musical (2006), Steel Magnolias (1989), Titanic (1997), Cars (2006)
  • Favorite Fashion Idol – Hilary Duff, Kelly ClarksonMariah CareyAshlee Simpson, Fabiola Gatti
  • Favorite Actress – Angelina JolieJodie FosterJennifer AnistonBritney SpearsMeryl Streep
  • Best Friend – Emily Osment
  • Favorite Time Pass – Play Guitar, sing and write music
  • Favorite Bible Verse – Ephesians 6:10-11
  • Favorite InspirationHilary Duff
  • Favorite Perfume – Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum
  • Favorite Animal – Dog


Miley Cyrus 2013 height

Miley Cyrus Facts

  1. Miley Cyrus officially changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus on May 1, 2008.
  2. Hannah Montana girl is having 3 pets, namely, Mate (Dog), Sophie (Maltipoo Dog), and Floyd (Dog).
  3. Miley likes to swim the most with her family.
  4. Cyrus’s godmother is Dolly Parton, who is an entertainer.
  5. She used to smile a lot as a kid. So, she got the name ‘Smiley’, which was later on shortened to ‘Miley’.
  6. She hates spiders and has a bad habit of biting the nails.
  7. Miley Cyrus was named no. 1 in  2008 for ‘TV Guide’s Top 10 Teen Star Countdown.’
  8. Her Los Angeles based house has been robbed twice (first time in November 2013 and then on May 30, 2014). On May 30, 2014, costly jewelry and Maserati car worth $102,500 was stolen.
  9. She was born left-handed.
  10. Miley was born with a heart problem called tachycardia, where the resting heart rate exceeds than normal. Normal resting heart rate in adults is 60 to 100 beats per minute as per Mayo Clinic.
  11. In January 2015, Miley got totally n*ked for V Magazine shoot.
  12. She fantasizes her LOL co-star Douglas Booth for booty calls.
  13. In November 2018, along with Liam, she donated $500,000 to The Malibu Foundation through her charity named Happy Hippie after the destruction caused by 2018 California wildfires. Liam and Miley had also lost their common house in the wildfire.
  14. Visit her official website @
  15. Follow her on Twitter, FacebookMySpace, Instagram, and YouTube.
  16. Miley Cyrus, once forgot the lyrics of the song, while performing at her first concert. In her own words

“It was during the song Bigger Than Us, which was an episode of Hannah Montana, and I forgot the words completely and I was standing there like, ‘Okay, what do I do?”

Did we miss anyone?



  1. Is 165 cm Rely 5.5 ft ..??coz m rely confused..!!!In sElena gomez profile It says 5 ft 5 or 165 cm And in Im yoona’s profile It says 166 cm is 5 ft 4.?

  2. Far from accurate. Her ass is too small to be 33 inches, more like 32 at MOST. And no way in hell is her waist at 23. 24 is being nice about it. I know body types.

    So, revised:


    Apple shape.

    • I have a sister who’s 32-24-34, so I’m pretty credible with this. Miley’s butt is not 32. I’ve been looking at people and learning their measurements for a while, and your attempt to discredit Miley’s figure is wrong. She has a tiny, defined waist and a small-yet-THERE butt. She looks thin and great. Maybe you’re jealous?

      I would put her at a 32.5/33-23-33.

      Just so you know, 34-24-32 is NOT an apple shape. That’s a WHR of 0.75. Apples are .8+. Those measurements make a banana (or rectangle) figure, possibly a “neat hourglass.”

      • I’m 32-24-34 well I’ve lost weight so I’m more 32-23/23-34 are these good body measurements and what body shape is it??
        How can I get a tiny but defined waist like Miley what to do (diet and exercise etc)??:)

  3. favorite food is something ‘with most sugar possible’ ?! it’s apparent these sources are outdated because last I heard Miley has taken weight loss to the eating disorder extreme, restricting herself to 700 calories… so ill safely assume she steers clear of sugar altogether.

    • Really?? Wait so eating that less calories would be the only quick way to lose a lot of weight as I want to lose weight and need some tips?:) do you know what kind of food Miley eats and her exercise routine?

      • Keep your calorie count down to less than 2,000 calories a day and make sure you exercise at least 3-4 times a week for about 60 minutes each time. You can go longer or more frequently if you wish, but no less, and you’ll lose weight. Don’t worry!

        But do NOT do it the way Miley is. Whether she admits it or not, what she’s doing (700 calories a day) is actually pretty difficult to do and you’ll end up limiting yourself to about 1 meal per day. What she is doing is very unhealthy and is actually a form of mild anorexia. It’s very bad for your body and does not help your self image. (This is coming from someone who battled anorexia for 4 years.)

        Do it the healthy way. It took be way too long to realize that doing it by exercising is much better for your body and it all in all makes you feel better.

        When I was annorexic, no matter how skinny I got, I never thought I looked good and I just felt gross inside, all the time. But once I decided to start eating normally again and exercising instead, it truly does a difference in how you look, and how you feel. You feel so much lighter and better about yourself, even BEFORE you’ve lost all the weight you want to lose. Take it from someone with experience. Do it the RIGHT way!

  4. Im 5’5” and my measurements are 34-24-34 and I weigh 124…..Idk if this is accurate. Because that wouldnt make any sense that shes 5’5” her measurements 35-24-33 are only two numbers off of mine, and she weighs 16 pounds less then me… when we are virtually the same body type, in fact she has a lot bigger boobs than I do too, I’m a very small B cup and she looks to be a full C cup.

  5. Miley Cyrus 32C bra size? Please, Jennifer Lawrence or Blake Lively has this bra size.
    Her real bra size is 32B, she has small breast.

  6. Religion “Christian”?! Ya, ok. No I’m not jealous; I pray that all these “celebrities” really do find the one TRUE God (Jesus Christ) or go BACK to Him. Satan may show them
    The highest mountains & most money, materialistic desires, drugs, s*x, fame. But this life is short compared to ETERNITY. However, every human has free will. God is merciful but also wrathful; anyone that denies Him & eternal life through Him will not inherit God’s Kingdom (“heaven”). I really hope that Destiny Cyrus (“Miley” realizes this before it IS too late. Along with all these other “celebrities” practicing satanism, “the Kabbalah”, luciferianism, any other esoteric occult religion. And no, I’m not jealous at all. I’d much rather live a peaceful happy life with God than sell out for money & fame. If I was offered $1 million today to sell out to “the industry”; Hollywood, I wouldn’t. I’d take eternal life over THAT anyway.
    Miley was raised “Christian” but her dad sold her out to “Disney”, plain & simple. All for MONEY. I pity her, not many people have a clue of all the mind manipulation/MK Ultra mind control these “celebrities” are victims of. Prayers out to all the “celebrity” volunteers of this evil place known as “Hollywood”! Ever see her music vid’s? (Ancient Egyptian mysticism religion) Pyramids, triple 6 hand signals (“A-OK” guise), illuminated left eye (hidden right eye), promoting promiscuity amongst our own youth. Even caught wearing the red “Kabbalah” (sell out) bracelet. I’ll let God be the final judge, as He will inevitably be our final judge in the end.

  7. 1-Miley’s bff is Cheyne Thomas
    2-Miley loves all animals she dont have a favorite
    3-Her favorite films are not S.x and the city and bad s.x
    4-Her favorite color is gold

  8. all this information On Miley is true but you left out two Very important details……..
    1). Miley Cyrus has a heart condition known as tachycardia, meaning her heart beats faster then normal.
    2). Why Miley is now considered to be right handed, and in all actuality Her Father Billy Ray tough her to be right handed because he thinks that “Left Handed People Learn the world backwards” Even though he himself was born left handed.


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